Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Article] Jung Min as Ambassador of Incheon Culture & Tourism

Some of us may have heard of this over the past few weeks but I actually haven't seen any English translation of the news. At last there is one I saw from the tweet of PJM_Forever that was re-tweeted by iamsom. Much thanks guys!

Here is the article lifted from HERE, that talks about Jung Min being appointed as Ambassador of Incheon Culture and Tourism in which ceremony will be on the 31st of October.


[News]Park JungMin Incheon, getting popular with international filming locations
Source: re post by PJM my Brother
Translated by: Fiona@PJM IFC
Redirect with full credits [Park Jung Min International Fans Club]

Incheon was becoming more and more popular as the filming sites of both domestic and International movies and dramas.

Latest dramas ‘Dream High’, ‘Royal Family’, as well as movies ‘The melting pot’, ‘Only at that time’ etc. had been filmed with Incheon as the background, making it a popular filming location.

In addition, areas throughout Asia, e.g. Taiwan, Thailand, made inquiries to Incheon as a newly emerging international TV drama filming location.

Therefore, Incheon Tourism Organization took the advantage of the hot locations for international filming and appointed Hallyu star Park Jung Min (SS501) as the Honorable Ambassador of Incheon Culture and Tourism. By supporting the Taiwanese drama ‘Fondant Garden’ that he starred, in the same time promoted Incheon’s major tourist attractions to Asia.

The Taiwanese drama ‘Fondant Garden’ would be boardcasted in January 2012 with Taiwan terrestrial broadcasters CTS and in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries. It was a drama about a young man’s love and business based on Korea-based hotel affiliates.

‘Fondant Garden’ was shot with the beautiful scenery in Korea and Taiwan as the background, especially Songdo International City in Songdo, Incheon, the representatives of tourism destinations, Michuhol Tower, Central Park, etc. By this, it was expected as a great opportunity to make travel resources in Incheon widely known.

In the drama, Incheon City’s Majoy Song Young Gil would also make his special appearance, increasing the fun, and actively promoting Incheon Metropolitan City.

In addition, on the coming 31th at 13:00, there would be a press conference for ‘Fondant Garden’ in Incheon Songdo Convensia, as well as the appointment ceremony of the ambassador of Incheon Culture and Tourism. The fan meeting of Park Jung Min would also be held. At that time, there would be both domestic and major international medias from Taiwan, Japan, etc. as well as about 100 overseas fans visiting Incheon.

The chairman of Incheon Tourism Organization Kim Gil Jong said, “By supporting global drama filming like ‘Fondant Garden’, we are promoting the charm of tourist spots in Incheon to the world and increasing the fame. We will also utilize the drama filming sites to promote tourism in the future as a foothold for attracting Hallyu lovers in Asia regions”.

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tetsu_girl said...

wow, thanks Fiona, PJMIFC, and everyone sharing! i've been waiting to read news on this. hope there's a lot of good coverage at the ceremony+presscon+fanmeet on Oct 31, too. anticipating!!