Monday, October 17, 2011

[Media Pix] Kyu Jong @ KBS Joy 5th Anniversary 10.17.11

Was checking Naver and Daum search and saw a number of media photos of Kyu Jong from today KBS Joy 5th Anniversary. From some of the articles I found a number of nice captions. Newses said 'Kyu Jong's Brilliant Comeback', TvDaily wrote, "Kim Kyu Jong, Unstoppable Wave', Osen's caption 'Sexy Wave', another one from Newsen said 'Sexy Suspender Dance', Korean Business has to say this about his performance 'Power filled the stage...', Hankyungn wrote, 'Intense eyes, charismatic...' and more. Nice captions for Kyu Jong, right? Makes one really proud of him.

Btw, Kyu Jong was the 3rd performer on stage. Other artists who performed are : SNSD, Koyote, Dalshabet, JewelryS and more.

Here are photos from Naver and Daum.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for posting those positive captions from various media. You made my day. I read your comment before I went to work. I kept thinking his greatness and telants finally came out of the shadow of SS501. I smiled when I was thinking about Kyu. He shines alone without the crown of SS501. Just because other members' greatness made him hiding his. Thanks a lot.

sinthia said...

I'm so happy that others, beside triple S are getting familiar to Kyu's charisma, talent and sexy appeal. ^^
He really deserves be recognized, because he has always been a hardworker and a humble man, who cared more about his fellow members than himself.
I'm glad he has got the confidence to let himself shine now, like a super star that without doubt he is.