Monday, October 17, 2011

[Article] More of Hyun Joong in December and January

Teasers for Hyun Joong's comeback have been shown in M! Countdown and Inkigayo. Many have been looking forward for this week to come to see Hyun Joong perform live on stage once again. Well, few more sleeps ladies and that time will come.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong to release more music in December and January
Source : Sports World via Naver
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / Allkpop

After focusing on his acting career, SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong is more than ready to turn the focus back to singing. He’s been in high-drive lately, releasing back to back albums in the same year and delving into styles and concepts that most singers go through in double the time.

Why the rush? Kim Hyun Joong took the time to explain why, as well as some news on future releases through his interview with Segye Ilbo.

The singer stated, “First of all, I’m planning to release a ballad in December through a digital single with a unique music video to go with it. In January, I’m going to release another mini-album. Considering my schedule, I don’t have room to space them out. I’m also going on a tour next year to meet up with more of my fans so I’m trying to have some good songs under my belt before then. As for an official studio album, I think I prefer a mini-album with five or so songs.”

His recent “Lucky Guy” comeback was inspired by the movie ‘Ocean’s Eleven‘. He stated, “You can consider the album mainstream, but also modern. My concept is freedom. I remember seeing the movie Ocean’s Eleven and just thinking to myself, ‘That’s it.’ I set the physical concept first and then began to collect songs.”

He continued, “As for ‘Lucky Guy‘, it sounds like a song that would be performed with a band on stage, but I actually have a fun choreography to go with it. It’s a song that I made out of hope of creating something that’s considered band music, but also something that you can dance to. I made sure my outfits were also colorful to give that ‘dandy guy’ look.”

He’s already sold 110,000 album units so far, but that shouldn’t be a surprise considering he’s Kim Hyun joong.

“There’s a limit as to how far you can go as a dance singer. When I’m older, I’m sure I’ll be pursuing different genres, so when I have some time to myself, I want to sit down and try music that I’ve always wanted to pursue since I was younger. I actually love band music and play the bass myself. Still, I want to learn more instruments and create something all my own. At the beginning of SS501′s debut, I liked the thought of being a celebrity, but I think that’s inevitable as a young teen. Either way, I think it’s important to not be content with where you are now and to always work towards improving yourself.”

On the topic of dating, he said, “All of the girls I meet are strictly for business purposes so I don’t have anyone I’m dating. If I do have one, I guess pictures would be taken of us.”

Kim Hyun Joong will be making his comeback on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ on October 20th.


Anonymous said...

Yes...only a few more days. Can't wait to see the live performances on music shows!!!

Anonymous said...

omo!!!! ballad song from him? I like it...nomu2 like it.....I like all his ballad song.....

Anonymous said...

It will be really good, I am sure. He is so good with ballads. If he can choose nice song, he can make a classic. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I love Hyun Joong singing ballads. He can turn a good ballad into a classic. Hope he has chosen a good song for his 2nd album.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong fighting!!!
what ever you do i will support you forever, i am always enjoying your stage performances, i am not a TS and i am not a Hanacia just a retired OL who enjoy your stage performance so much and like your no "fake" personality.
best wished for you!!!