Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Pix & Vid] Kyu Jong Arriving & Leaving MTV Venue 10.18.11

Kyu Jong had a recording at MTV The Show on the 18th of October and I have posted HERE a video of him arriving at the venue. At the end of my post, I even wrote that Kyu Jong looks like he just woke up and even adding that it would be a nice waking up seeing such handsome face. ^_^

A set of wonderful snapshots of Kyu Jong taken on the same day was sharedon by Rosemary. I just love how Rosemary aimed her lens at Kyu Jong and captured these wonderful photos of Kyu Jong sans the make-up. I am so loving it.

Here's a video as well on the same day after Kyu Jong's schedule on MTV and on his was to a radio station for another guesting. Thanks to for sharing and uploading the video on YouTube.


sinthia said...

wow spectacular these pics!!!!
He looks extremely gorgeous. *-*

Kyu shouldn't doubt he's a attractive guy.

Anonymous said...

Solo is special good for Kyu Jong.
He is more attractive, confidently.
Go go

Ivannah said...

Great photos...refreshing looks of kyujongie.Drooling on them now...hehehe Thanks for sharing :D

Chara said...

Agree 100%. THESE pictures are absolutely fascinating. He looks gorgeous!

Oh how lucky u are!!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Agree 200%. Nowaday, Kyu looks very charisma. We're all mesmerized by his powerful magnetic field.

ping0119 said...

If only I wake up seeing this face everyday... XD

Anonymous said...

Kyu looks like nigahiga .. Lol.. Good looks. It's awesome that kyu's trying something different.. He looks confident and is ready to take on new things.. Good luck kyu. Though am a henecian.. Kyu did amaze me with his comeback and his new look. Way to go kyu. The gentle eternal center..