Monday, October 24, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng as D'Artagnan in FNN Article

As I tweeted last Saturday, I went to watch Three Musketeers at the movie. It was entertaining and I so love Logan Lerman who played the role of D'Artagnan, the hot headed (and also cool) and cocky friend of the Three Musketeers.

As I watched it, I cannot help myself but imagine Logan Lerman (he is also good looking) as Heo Young Saeng who will be playing the same role as Logan played, but in a musical which will start staging on the 3rd of November (Young Saeng's birthday). But Young Saeng will not be performing on stage until the 3rd week of November.

When D'Artagnan meet his love interest Constance, the scene was sort of giddy as I think of Young Saeng trying to win the Lady in Waiting's attention.

I have read in one of the comments in my past post that Young Saeng (and the rest of the actors playing the same role) is only playing a minor role. If my guess is right, I do not not think at all that D'Artagnan's role in Three Musketeers is minor. If the adaptation will be somehow similar in the movie, then Young Saeng will play equal role as the Three Musketeers as he is their friend and who is to become a musketeer as well.

Sigh... I wish I can see Young Saeng in the play. But it's too soon as I just got back from Seoul. T_T I will miss this chance, but I do hope that many foreign fans will give their support to Young Saeng on this just like when Kyu Jong did 'Goong'.

As we all wait for more news about Three Musketeers, let me shove here this photos that I got from FNN portal which was tweeted by cll_slam10. I hope that translation of this article will be out soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle for the posting. Finally there is news about Saengie after such a long time, and I’m eagerly waiting for the translation of the article. However, honestly I will be very upset if he’s not acting the main role (like all his members were).

Being the lead vocal possessing the best voice and singing, I don’t understand why he has the least solo activities and singing opportunities among all members. It seems that he is always arranged to share stage/promotion with others. He has been performing extremely well and I really don’t want his talents to be wasted. Really want more YS albums, concerts and solo promotion and see him go for his dream and shine. Love him a lot!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:15am
Is becos he had no confidence in himself and shy to face a lot of unfamiliar people alone.Also he has not undergo training acting before and will be nervous if he was to act in the main role.Give him more time he will be more confidence as days pass by and will get to see him playing the main actor.Let's pray for his success in musical show.Fighting Sangie.

Love all the photos. He looks so handsome especially in the first photo.

Anonymous said...

He looks handsome in all the photos like peter pan the never go old kid but he is all man to me.I really loves costumes like these if i lives in a big house i framed up all three pictures up real big....least i forget i pray for youngseang every sucess with the musical.