Monday, October 24, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng at 2012 S/S Seoul Fashion Week 10.24.11

Surprise! Surprise!

Young Saeng was at the 2012 S/S Seoul Fashion Week at SETEC. From the video it says that it's today, 24th of October. Hmm, I wonder whose collection Young Saeng attended? Anyway, much thanks to for sharing this video on YT. It's been a while since we last saw Young Saeng and this is such a welcome treat for all of us missing him.

Heaps of thanks to candy for the email and to

Yah, Young Saeng's smile, so fitting as the cool and cocky D'Artagnan.


Chara said...

Ha ha ha, the subs...

"Models are so tall, you see? I'm small so I'm worried. ^^
But when I have the chance I'd like to try that too."

Isn't he cute? Thanks for posting this up, liezle. HEAPS of thanks.^^

tetsu_girl said...

haha cute! XD
YS isn't that short, but i guess his body type looks more stout than tall. ^^; he's still a good looking model tho!
thanks, liezle & chara.

Kani MAJAL said...

XD thankYU for the trans Chara~

^^|| ys is so cute~ always talking with that tone of a kid looking up at adults. i guess everything in the world all looks wonderfully marvel to him~~~~

Anonymous said...

He always has sweet things to say about others.

He is not short. He is tall, in fact.


Anonymous said...

@Kelly... yes, Saengie is really a sweet sweet guy. How can we not love him^^