Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[FanCam] Kyu Jong @ 'Saving Ajumma Go Gong Shil' Filming Site 10.14.11

Kyu Jong already started filming for the drama 'Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil' last week and some fans were lucky enough to check on him on the filming site.

In this drama Kyu Jong plays the role of Nicky, a quiet genius B-boy. A love line between Kyu Jong and f(x)'s Luna will be developed in the drama. Luna is playing the role of Seo InYoung, the daughter of Go BongShil.

Though Kyu Jong's role here is not big, I am still looking forward because Kyu Jong has proven to us in some of the mini dramas and MVs that he had appeared in that he can act.

The drama will have 36 episodes and we are still waiting for the announcement when this weekend drama will start.

Here's a video of from the blog of kamejery and shared on YT by .

Btw, if my memory serves me right, the one one who embraced him is the director of the drama. We were told that he's fond of Kyu Jong.


tetsu_girl said...

gosh, kyu's so dashing in autumn/winter clothes. must be because he's such a warm guy, you just wanna be held by him. <3

i cannot wait for his drama!

Tya said...

He's so lovable and no one can hate this darling boy :)
really anticipating the drama^^

Anonymous said...

It is so true. No one can hate this darling caring boy. No one. Did he only take one time filming? I wonder if he has another recent filming. Hope to see more.