Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong @ KBS Parking Lot 10.28.11

Kyu Jong was seen by fans yesterday at the parking lot of KBS. Here is a set of Kyu Jong's snapshots from the shutterbug of Kyu's (

Last night I read in that Kyu Jong performance in MuBank was his last stage for the show. Today at Music Core will also be his last performance for the music show (no airing today due to baseball). It is sad though that he will not be able to do his goodbye stage in Inkigayo as announced earlier by B2M on Kyu Jong's website. It's the last weekend where Kyu Jong will be promoting his 'Turn Me On' album in Seoul as next week he will be in Japan for the fan meeting with Young Saeng and will be busy filming the drama. I will certainly be missing Kyu Jong. I got so used seeing him and reading something about him almost everyday. Sigh...

As this is the end of Kyu Jong's promotion for his first solo album in Seoul, let us congratulate him on Twitter later tonight and encourage him and B2M as well to do another album as we do not want his talent to be wasted


etet said...

Love the photos, especially the black and whites.

Selfishly, I will miss Kyu Jong as he has brightened almost everyday for me. Although it will be hard not seeing him daily, I do want him to take the confidence that he has gained to continue to move forward with his acting and hopefully in the very near future another album.

Continue to believe in yourself, as we all know that you have so much so share.

Continue to be happy, as we love to see you smile.

Continue to "surprise us", as all gals love "surprises".

ping0119 said...

Just watched Kyu on Arirang Pops weekend... I will miss seeing him on music shows every week T_T

sinthia said...

Could he be more handsome?
I don't think so. xb

I'll miss him sooooooooo much!!
Hope he doesn't delay too much his next album. Because indeed it'll be a waste! ^^

And I will be waiting anxious to see his drama starts airing.
Knowing Kyu's natural skill to acting I'm sure he'll be great!