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[Article] Young Saeng's Talks About Being in a Musical

A kind hearted soul did the translation of Young Saeng article that talks a lot about him playing D'Artagnan in the musical 'Three Musketeers'. Super heaps of thanks to Slam (cll_slam10) of SGTripleS for doing this translation and sharing on her blog. At last we get to hear what in the mind and heart of Young Saeng who is a neophyte in the world of musical.

Check out the article and feel his excitement and worries as the staging gets nearer. Thanks again so much dear Slam for the translation.


[Trans] Heo Young Saeng - Heart With Full of Passion, Appeared Once Again In Three Musketeers

Source: The Daily Focus
Chinese Trans: 0317 @young-saeng bar
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Musical "Three Musketeers" D'Artagnan

1st shot debut in Musical after 7 years being an idol Usually not very good at expressing feelings, making it tough for him during his practice in acting

It is difficult to compare between "Popularity" and "Newbie". When comparing between a person who just debuted and a star who has already debuted for 7 years, most people will think that the former will be more passionate forceful. Whereas for the latter when facing with challenges, if he is not passionate, he will not reach that position.

This is the 7th year of his debut. Being the main vocalist in the group SS501, and also as a solo singer who has taken a new step, Heo Young Saeng (26yrs old), harbouring a warm passionate heart, once again appear in front of everyone thru the Musical "Three Musketeers".

"Actually everyone around me who has participated in musicals persuaded, but I still do not have any confidence. However when the solo activities begin at the same time, suddenly have an urge and the heart to continue learning, upgrading. This is my 7th year of my debut, as my comeback, the want to ignite the passion in my heart is very strong. In fact, as a new attempt to start, as compared to the previous debut as a singer, there are more excitment, gotta put in even more efforts and practice in order to get into the character. Initially thinking that I only know how to sing, now I have the desire to try out acting."

As the young D'Artagnan who is full of dreams at the same time coming back with a new identity, started to have a desire for acting.

Musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" is depicting about the 17th century as the background. Dreaming of becoming the royal musketeers, the youngsters D'Artagnan and the three musketeers of the french king guard troops Athos, Porthos and Aramis the story of their adventure and friendship.

"In fact, prior starting have heard a lot of prejudice on newcomers. Thus I pour out my woes to a very good hyung of mine, hyung told me that I must go and try it out and at the same time to watch the monitor frequently."

Heo Young Saeng who is acting as D'Artagnan character, was chosen together with Super Junior Kyuhyun and also Ex FT-island member Oh Won Bin. Although three of them were all idol-born, but that did not caused any competition between them.

"I did worry because it is the 1st time too, but it was all for nothing. Beginning I practiced together with Won Bin, anything that we are lack of we will look at the monitor and advise each other. In fact, I didnt get to see Kyuhyun often, thus anything that I wanna talk to him will put it off 1st. (smile) All three of us who are playing D'Artagnan who have different thoughts or style in potraying the character, thus these helps."

Usually not very good at expressing feelings, but when facing with a musical which needs immediate emotional expressions, is an exceptional challenge. Thus need to show more charm. He said "For eg, if you have this kind of situation whereby clearly your face is full of happy expression but still need to show a tinge of sadness." Starting from the main casts, always been told to 'put more emotions in, try to get the feeling out' this kind of words. At the same time "Although it is still difficult, but I cant live in other people's character, there will be still a fresh part that will remain with me, that is the charm of it." Heo Young Saeng also hopes that the audience will be able to see the changes brought by his confidence.

"Watching me potraying as D'Artagnan character, at the same time can be deeply impressed by the 'pure' side and it will be great. In actual fact, it is very hard to define the performances of the Three Musketeers musical, it consists of amazing sword play, love, friendship and betrayal etc. together with a different varieties of stories in different chapters. Until now, due to the dullness or difficulties, a musical once was being a taboo, now people are satisfied after they got their understanding."


kelly said...

Thanks Slam and Liezle.

Always feel very happy when YS is happy. He is just like a son to me :-) May he enjoys each of his day. Really miss him.

Anonymous said...

I can totally feel his excitement and really enjoy this article. Like my friend told me, it's always good to feel a bit of inadequate, because it makes you to better prepare yourself and work harder. I think that's the reason why Saengie always performs so exceptional well and surprise people^^ Thanks very very much to Liezle and the lovely fans who translate the article!

Anonymous said...

Must agree with Kelly too, he's like our precious son. Can't wait to hear and see more of him. YS, Fighting!!!

BTW, found this link, a photo of YS and Won Bin taken recently. YS changed his hair style and colour. YS is so handsome here!

Credits: @Osh_yoru

Anonymous said...

I love Young Saeng. He is a shy guy but he is very cute. He is very manly now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30am
Thanks for the link. Agree with what you said he was so handsome and cute too. Also agree with what HJL said during breakdown showcase he got a natural charming and cute face.

etet said...

Can totally see him playing the brash, young D'Artagnan... And so uper duper dashing with a sword...

danz said...

how i wish i can watch him perform! thanks for the translation! all the best for you guys! ^^ God Bless! ^.~

slimz1808 said...

Now we are left with HJL to complete the list ^^
I heard the musical is staged out of Seoul. Hope fans will be able to go and support YS.
I wont be going but flower and rice stand from SG will be there =D
Fighting YS!