Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Apologizes to Seung Gi in Strong Heart

Last night Strong Heart's 100th episode was aired and Hyun Joong was of the guests. There were a lot of interesting happenings at the show and this article was one of them. Check out the translation I am shoving here from leesa86 of AKP.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong apologizes to Lee Seung Gi
Source & Image : OSEN, TVReport via Nate
Courtesy of leesa86 / AllKPop

Singer & actor Kim Hyun Joong recently revealed that he had something to share with his colleague and friend, Lee Seung Gi.

On the October 25th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “There is something I really need to say to Lee Seung Gi. I want to get everything off my chest today,” which evoked the curiosity of everyone on set.

“Seung Gi, I’m really sorry“, he publicly announced. “There was something I promised Seung Gi, but I haven’t been able to keep it.”

Kim Hyun Joong promised Lee Seung Gi that they were supposed to get together to play soccer in the morning. But the night before, Kim Hyun Joong worked until the early hours of the morning. He wanted to keep his promise and so he got all of his athletic equipment, ready to go play soccer. He decided to forego sleep altogether so that he would be able to meet with Seung Gi. But alas, the singer ultimately fell asleep and when he woke up, it was already late into the afternoon / early evening.

MC Lee Seung Gi ‘accepted’ his apology and evoked laughter by sarcastically saying, “It’s okay, I mean I only promised my juniors that singer Kim Hyun Joong would arrive to play soccer with us, and you only made me into a big liar, but hey, I don’t concern myself with petty things like that.”

Additionally, Eunhyuk and Lee Teuk got a call from Seung Gi to come play soccer that day and Seung Gi reportedly told them not to “be like Hyun Joong“.

In between laughs, Kim Hyun Joong again apologized to his friend, and even proposed an official soccer date. Lee Seung Gi accepted, and told him he would be glad to work out together anytime.

Also guest-starring on this ’100th episode’ were SNSD‘s Jessica, Yoon Sae Ah, Song Kyung Ah, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Jang Hoon, Eun Ji Won, Dana, Gilme, Go Young Wook, Hwang Kwang Hee, etc.

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