Monday, October 17, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong in Saving Ajumma Go BongShil' Drama

So happy that we've been reading quite a lot of news about Kyu Jong after the staging of 'Goong'. With his album release, variety show guesting now comes the drama that we've been waiting for. Though Kyu Jong is not the lead role here, it is still a good that he's casted in this 36 episodes drama.

Here let me share with you this article xiaochu translated on Quainte501. Much thanks again.


[News] Kim KyuJong, TV ChoSeon ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ Love Line
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Idol group SS501 Kim KyuJong and girl group f(x) Luna has been casted to star in TV Choseon’s opening broadcast special weekend drama ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’

‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ talks about an auntie, Go BongShil, in her 50s, living peacefully in a quiet village in KyungNam South Sea area. After her husband died, her family faces the threat of bankruptcy and had to move over to Itaewon, Seoul, and how she turned successfully into a bestseller writer.

Luna acts as the lively new-generation Seo InYoung, the daughter of Go BongShil (Kim HaeSook), Kim KyuJong acts as Nicky, a quiet genius B-boy. InYoung and Nicky will develop their love line in the drama.

TV Choseon’s representative said “Luna was casted because she matches the lively image of InYoung, Kim KyuJong was casted because of the role of Lee Shin, the rude prince that he portrays in musical ‘Goong’, as well as his dance ability that he has shown during SS501 times, were similar to Nicky’s image.”

‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ will have 36 episodes starring Kim HaeSook, Cheon HoJin, DokGo YoungJae, Kim HyeWook, Choi IlHwa, Kim YoungOk, Shin ChoongSik, Hong SukChun, Harisu, Choi HanBeet, etc.


Anonymous said...

omg kyu will be couple with seo in young, the ex jewelry member?? i love her!! shes my fav couple (after joongbo of coz) in wgm with crown j!

slimz1808 said...

someone in KYU's (kkj china forum) said that this might be a B8 production. Noted that the pictures were supplied by G8, maybe that's why?

Anonymous said...

no,. I think seo in young is Luna's name in drama..

Tya said...

@4:33 PM
i think Seo InYoung here is f(x) Luna's cast name^^

sinthia said...

I hope this drama becomes a hit. I can't wait to see Kyu's acting. I'm sure he'll be great!! I'm really anticipating this!

Anonymous said...

Ref. to slimz1808, what did you want to say? What are B8 and G8?