Monday, October 31, 2011

[Trans & Vid] Hyun Joong Talked About His Sked 10.30.11

From this schedule that Hyun Joong mentioned from yesterday's fan signing in Yongsan fans can already plan which amongst the schedule he mentioned you'd like to be part of. So ladies, start growing your money tree, clear your calendar and get ready to pack and play.

Much thanks to OnlyKHJtimes for doing the translation and sharing on Twitter.

Here is video from Yongsan where Hyun Joong talked about upcoming plans. Much thanks to for the upload in YT.


Anonymous said...

O o, I'm excited with his new schedule.
Hope we can watch his drama soon with bad boy image.
Good luck to Hyun Joong.

Anonymous said...

Woo! He has a new schedule. Did he just say that he would not have a drama several days ago? Keywest really wants to well use leader's popularity. Seems his schedule never easy. Does he deserve some rest? As a TS, he needs to take care of himself. No plan for the reunited of SS501. Hope we can hear some good news for the TS for the 2nd part of next year.