Friday, October 21, 2011

[Trans] A bit of updates on Young Saeng via Staff Report

Heaps of thanks to xiaochu for translating this on Quainte501 and sharing some updates on Young Saeng via this staff report.


[Trans] YoungSaeng – STAFF REPORT
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


This is the person in charge.

We are running towards the end of October,
Waiting for YoungSaeng’s busy schedules in November.

Also waiting for the Japan Fan Club Establishment Commemoration Fan Meeting
And will be participating in Seoul Tokyo Music Festival too.
The broadcast date has not been confirmed yet but you will be able to see him on screen.

Currently we are working on the system and doing some testing,
Recruitment of official fan club Y.E.S should start about mid of next week.

Recently there are speculations spreading through SNS.
It is not true that there is no notice in official homepage about Heo YoungSaeng’s activities
Hope that you will not be mistaken.

Weather has turned colder. In the mornings and evenings, we can’t feel the autumn weather but instead winter is fast approaching, we hope that you pay attention to your health as there is a huge temperature difference within a day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Liezle for posting news about Saengie. Really appreciate it.

Miss him and his angelic voice very very much! Went back to his past vid and news which make me miss him even more ㅋㅋ