Monday, October 31, 2011

[Media Pix] Jung Min Appointed as Incheon Ambassador & PressCon of 'Sugarcake Garden'

Today at Incheon, Jung Min has just been appointed as Ambassador for Incheon Culture and Tourism. The honor was given to him by the by Incheon Tourism Organization. On the same time of the being appointed as ambassador, the drama of Jung Min 'Sugarcake Garden' is having a presscon.

Here are some media photos in which I will be adding more as they came in from Naver and Daum.

Added more close up photos of Jung Min...


tetsu_girl said...

looking handsome in the three-piece suit and with his signature smile. ^_^
congrats, JM, and "Sugarcake Garden" daebak!!

liezle said...

hi tetsu_girl! i read about the title 'Sugarcake Garden', is that the new title?



Tya said...

Finally news about JungMin!! >o<
i miss him so much,,thank you Liezle^^
handsome as always,but i miss his chubby cheeks...he need to eat more T^T

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jung Min. Handsome as ever.

I can't help but notice his eye bags.... hope he gets enough rest soon.

Jumg Min, fighting!!!

yyann said...

Hey Liezle,

"Sugarcake Garden" is the english name for the taiwan drama~

There's no monday blues because we are all loaded with JungMin's photo and his smile! ^^

have a great monday!! =D

liezle said...

Hi yyann! So it's 'Sugarcake Garden' is the title. Hee, have to correct my post then.

Yeah, JM smile certainly brightens up the start of the week.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


Anonymous said...

JM is looking gorgeous but I seriously don't like the new actress == I miss Shara already @=)

Anonymous said...

so happy to see his smile....:)

sinthia said...

always so charming... *-*
I'll never get tired of seeing his bright smile. =D

etet said...

Sugarcake!!!..... Oh yeah... you are sugar..... Sweet and delicious with a smile that lights up a room.... Would love to share a cuppie cake with you?!?!

Anonymous said...

He needs to gain weight. Please gain weight T.T