Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Scanned Pix & Trans] Kyu Jong is Featured in Men's Health November Ish

Shoving this up as translation of the 10 FAQs to understand the 'not too bad’ Kim Kyu Jong has been translated by slimz1808. Heaps heaps of thanks slimz1808!

As I was emailing slimz earlier, I told her that I miss Kyu Jong so much. Honestly, never felt missing him so much like this before. I guess it is probably because after reading so many things for the past weeks centering only to him, I now realized his hardship and sincerity. How not to love him, right?

I really do hope that many people will discover Kyu Jong and appreciate him as a person and his talent. Let's spread our love to Kyu Jong and the rest of the talented members of SS501.


This set of photos of Kyu Jong from the November issue of Men's Health are nice. Much much thanks to slimz1808 for sharing the link on the sidebar and to for scanning.

I am hoping (and I guess everyone as well) that someone will share with us translation of this article. Interviews from any of the members of SS501 are very much interesting since they went solo as interview are more focus on them and we get to know more about them as a person.

Kyu Jong is so handsome in all the photos from this magazine. And honestly speaking, Kyu Jong is getting handsomer everyday. He must be liking the kind of reception his getting from his album as well as the success of the musical Goong. Lately too, since after Goong, he seems to have rested well.


[note from slimz1808 :trans of info on the article which relates to the clothing and brands have been omitted]

[Trans] Kyu Jong at Mens Health
KOR-CHN :默默 & kyu's守护
Article scan :wangjanim
Pls credit to :金圭钟中文网 [much thanks slimz1808!]

Ten FAQs To understand the 'not too bad’ Kim Kyujong

1、Feels happier
Did alot of thinking during rest time. Was pretty stressed during SS501 time. Was unable to enjoy due to unknown desire. Now I'm enjoying it due to a change in my mindset.

2、What was done during the long rest?
Tour, met up with friends. Was initially not too interested in reading (laughs) but end up reading biographies. Now reading Helen Keller's. It's good therapy for self reflection/improvement.

3、What do you think of your music which seems pretty off mainstream?
Did not CB with the intention of getting #1. It was not like this during the initial stage. Wanted to present something different from the current trend, an image of myself, and hence decided to do so. Response is not too good, wonder if its due to this. heeee [slimz1808: that 'heee' is from the original article]

4、What type of music would you like to try going forward?
Would like to try R&B project;. Heard the album of singer‘坏家伙’ and really like it a lot。Had always wanted to try album of such genre. [slimz1808:I did a google search on the artist's name in chinese and the closest match that I can find is Bad Company, an English classic rock band. Correct me if I'm not wrong]

5、The opportunity to cast in Goong originated from?
Having fun and learning to act. When I first received the musical invite, was thinking 'how did it come this way?' and hence rejected it. But when I actually went into it, had the feeling of creating something new together with others and hence regain the interest in acting.

6、Any acting plans?
Am currently shooting for "Saving Mdm". As it's not a lead role with lots of parts, I'm carrying a "learn and enjoy" attitude.

7、SS501 members are very fashionable. Are you one who is interested in it?
Very interested. Will discuss with friends when we are shopping together and choosing styles for them. Enjoys doing so. But feels jaded in comparison to the members.

8、What fashion style do you like?
Actually it's very different from what I am portraying now. Should it be called Hip pop style? Simple and casual sports attire, with a cap and a pair of Nike Dunk?(laughs) but has been prevented to do so by cordy.

9、Why prevented?
Says it doesn't suits me and has been asked not to do so. Says I belong to the thin category, recommends I go for fashionable styles. Furthermore if I do that (hiphop style) would be an embarrassment (when on the streets), would have some inconveniences.

10、Kyujong has yet to gain a foothold, what kind of memory do you wish to create?
‘KKJ has a solo? KKJ is in a drama?’‘singing is not too bad. Not bad at acting’ Would like to be someone to say such. Have a lot of support and company from fans. Perhaps can be a good artist even if not a hot one


Following are images I cropped from the above scanned photos.


Anonymous said...

Kyu looks very cute and fashionable. He should have more job like this - fashion model. Let's see more his lovely and handsome looks.

<- -> said...

Like above fellow's idea

Kyu Jong long legs for fashion model ^^ Matched ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG, Kyu Joong looks so like Hyun Joong now. I honestly thought I was looking at Hyun Joong in the 2nd and 3rd photos.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, it should be 1st and 3rd.

ping0119 said...

Kyu looks like a doll.. Can I take it home

Anonymous said...

Kyujong good job...sucess is coming to you..persevere and work very very hard cause you are almost there...i am a long time ss501 fan and always believe in yr talent and humbleness.

Kyujong daebak!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kyu looks awesome in these pictures! ^^

slimz1808 said...

KUDOS to @2kjdream for giving us surprises all e time! We all know he probably only has ribs to show & he has surprised us with these set of cutesy photos instead. Somehow I'm feeling this might be his suggestion or perhaps he had the thought of trying something new (again). Congrats to kyu for being a step nearer to be an all-rounder artist (can take women's make-up and now cutesy ones...?)

liezle said...

Hi slimz1808. Every time I see Kyu Jong it makes me so proud of him. I like it that he's slowly getting out of his shell and surprising us with a lot of many things. I hope there will be more people who will discover and like him.


slimz1808 said...

hi liezle,
This 2011 version of Kyu is reminding me of the 2008 version when he just came back from Japan and AWED every1 with the new Kyu..
Hopefully this time round his efforts and plus points would be more transparent to others coz (sad to say) now he is on solo. In the past attention was scattered amongst all the boys...
Maybe like what he said, by the time they all comeback together they will ALL be a better and more powerful SS501 !!

Anonymous said...

we have the same thought ^^
especially at the 2nd picture

etet said...

WOW... so many different looks... Have to agree that he is coming out of his shell and showing us who is and who he can be... And yes also agree, that being a rather older noona, he makes me proud... *sniffles*

Anonymous said...

wow,he looks like a professional model

Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this set of kyu jong pics... might be one of my faves ever! haha...

kyu does give off a leaderish vibe with this kinda image and look. :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely looks like KHJ and that is good. Brothers! His face is getting narrower and fairer too. Great!

ping0119 said...

@12:27 AM
If only I can wake up seeing this doll by my side everyday LOL

Kyu likes to give the attention to others but now he has no choice cuz he's alone lol. He's like an unpolished diamond which is getting shinier & shinier as time passes~ Ooooooooh I wanna get ya luv~ <3<3

ping0119 said...

@1:42 AM
I think fairer is due to the makeup / Photoshop XD

Ivannah said...

" with a cap and a pair of Nike Dunk?(laughs) but has been prevented to do so by cordy."--- I love this part! soooo Kyujong! His usual outfits now when he goes radio guestings...I love his comfy looks. Simple and adorable boy <333

etet said...

Yes have to agree with you Liezle... Each interview is getting more and more interesting as each of the boys are letting us know them as individuals. This one is another insightful look into Kyu Jong.

He really is enjoying the moment as he said "now i'm enjoying it due to a change in my mindset". And for his acting, love that he is "carrying a learn and enjoy" attitude.

He has a grounded approach to who he is... "Have a lot of support and company from fans. Perhaps can be a good artist even if not a hot one"...
Well I think you're "Pretty HOT"...

Here's a quote from Helen Keller (he said that he is reading her biography as it is "good therapy for self reflection/improvement"):

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.... Helen Keller"

Seems as if he living thru that quote....

etet said...


WOW, thanKYU for the translation...

Kyu Jong has been keeping you very busy hasn't he?

But I think you do it because "you felt with the heart".... "which allows us to see"...


danz said...

thanKYU for the translations!!!! awesome! i will support Kyu as much as i can..for me, he has the best attitude amongst other kpop idols..he is so humble..may God Bless him more with talents to inspire younger generations..^^

slimz1808 said...

etet! I'm happy to be busy ^^

actually was sharing with liezle, I knew abt some of kyu's history two years ago and since then has been quite a kyu bias.

Jux that those news of his were probably overshadowed in those days coz attention was dispersed.
Plus he was always hiding behind the rest.

I'm not ambitous for his to win any awards. I just want his efforts and qualities (although he may not have the best voice/vocals or looks as compared to other artists) to be seen by more people.

With his current CB, I wanted to do more for him. Always been a free-rider on the chinese sites reading his kor-chn articles or reading xiaochu's, thought of helping to spread abit of kyu-virus around. Same mentality as Denise who shared her FCam of Goong in Japan. Wanted to show people the Kyu we never seen/knew before.

Heee, gotta use liezle's blog as a medium of spreading kyu-virus..hope i don't get a month-end bill for usage =P

I cannot afford the time to be kept active in > 1 boys' news. I believe fans of the other boys are sharing as much as they could too =D

tetsu_girl said...

slimz1808, thanks so much for translating & sharing! really appreciate all translators' work.

i always enjoy reading KJ's interviews and messages. he's the most introspective, philosphical, and sensitive. ^^ but i wish he had more confidence in himself. i know he's being humble and honest, but it kinda hurts that he doesn't expect or desire anything more than "not bad" recognition. i'm amazed he hasn't hit it big with his handsome looks alone, but i hope someday everyone will see his talent, charm, and most importantly, his sincere and pure heart. ♥

sinthia said...

As always Kyu's interview is daebak!
I looooooooove his answers.

I never thought he was forbidden by cordy to wear that hip hop style he used in the beginning.

I wish he stops thinking he isn't too good as members. =/

I'd love if he try a R&B style next album!! ^^

liezle said...


thanks again for all the sharing and don't worry it's a free ride. Keep on sharing and let's all help one another to spread our love to this young man. it's the least we can do for him... free ad via fans' love.


ping0119 said...

I'm glad that Kyu is learning and enjoying what he does now^^ Really hope he would stop feeling inferior as compared to the members. He shines in his own way~ Definitely more than "not bad"!!

thanks slimz1808 so much for the translations^^