Friday, October 21, 2011

[Pix & Trans] Kyu Jong at Jung Sun Hee's Radio Show

Saw this last night but didn't share because there was no available translation. Since xiaochu share on Quainte501 the trans today I am shoving this here. [


[Trans] Jung SunHee’s A Night Like Tonight – Kim KyuJong
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Sing praises
With Kim KyungJin & Kim KyuJong
& Fat Cat

This week, the star whom we are facing and wish to praise is~
Last of SS501 to have his solo debut
Prince Kim KyuJong!
And being referred to as the 2nd Lee Hyori
Fat Cat~

The most HOT!! guy and gal in the music scene these days~**

Ah~~ So heart-warming!!

KyuJong’s solo album, which he has put in a lot of efforts in it.

That’s why each and every photo are like an art!!

KyungJin’s… “My love~ your love~ Fat Cat!”

A singer who made his comeback after a long time, a singer who is her first time coming on a radio show~ a radio segment which you must soak your feet in and go for it!!
Kim KyungJun’s

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