Thursday, October 20, 2011

Close-up Pix of Kyu Jong @ Dream Team Recording 10.16.11

Here is another set of nicely taken photos of Kyu Jong form the 'Let's Go! Dream Team' recording last Sunday at Olympic Park. Much thanks to the shutterbg of for these nice profile photos of Kyu Jong which I got at Baidu.

These photos are best seen enlarge. So I guess you know what to do, right? Go and enlarge. ^^


ping0119 said...

my disk space is exploding because of the nice HD photos~ XD

sinthia said...

wow! Kyu has a really good skin!! Everyone always talk about JM and HJB' skin,but it must be said, Kyu's has got a magnificent complexion!!

ping0119 said...

but Kyu always says his complexion is not good (Aish to Kyu, nothing of him is good ==)... Don't know if he's being humble or it's the wonders of makeup XD

I think all 5 complexion are good hehe, because they are also very gorgeous without makeup!

sinthia said...

I agree ping0119, all 5 have wonderful skin. They are so gorgeous even without makeup. *.*
Kyu needs to stop worrying too much, and understand he's as handsome as the other members.