Monday, October 17, 2011

[Pix] Wonderful Overseas Fans at Goong Musical 10.08.11

In the two musical 'Goong' that I watched in Seoul, I met a lot of overseas fans who came to give their support to Kyu Jong. Fans from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong gathered together on the last day of Kyu Jong's performance and had this commemorative photo.

Overseas fans on the 8th of Oct
who watched Kyu Jong's last performance.
(hee, peacejerry and I are not in the photo as we're the one taking pix)

These are not the only group of fans who came from other countries, I believe that there are more who came but left earlier and/or didn't know about this gathering as it was only been tweeted.

Well, seeing this photos made me miss all the ladies again. The chatting and laughing were all good. Most of them I had only met once but it seems that I've known them for a long time already.

For the last two performances I attended, after each show, overseas fans would all gather at the lobby to talk and wait for actors and actresses of the musical who are very nice to chat with some fans, give autographs and take photo with them.

Here are some photos which I had with of the actors of the musical.

With Oct 6 Prince Yul.

With Kwak Sunyoung who acts as Shin ChaeKyeong.
She is really pretty nice and very beautiful.

With Oct 8 Prince Yul, Jang Yu Jun.

Jang Yu Jun willingly signing the souvenir program.

This guys played many roles in the musical.
He's very friendly and so nice.

The very funny steward of the palace with a friend from SG.

I have had the chance of meeting many overseas fans when ever I go to events of any members but on the 8th of October was the only time I was able to join this big gathering of fans and took photo with them. Also, most of these fans were also at the music shows and signing events where Kyu Jong were over the last weeks making Kyu Jong knows that he has fans from many other countries believing in his talent.

We have a plan of sending this photo to Kyu Jong and B2M (and even tweet to the cast members with Twitter account) , ladies who are in the group photo, should we still do it? (hee, but peacejerry and i are not there. but i am fine with it ^^)

Anyway, heaps of ThanKYU to everyone once again for making my trip to Seoul this year very fun filled and memorable. Until next time again.

P.S. I've many other photos of fans I met. I will be sending the photos this weekend. ^^ And for those who I have photo in your camera, please send them to my email at


Lee Dewi / 이대워 said...

Woooaaa..... fans of a little UN at Seoul... ^^v I hope Kyu know how much we love him. For all those ladiess...thanKYU so much for being there to support Kyu....

bb said...

seems like you had a fab trip! happy for you!

over in SG, we gals are hoping to meet up with rina soon to hear her stories ^^

michelle_p said...

is the one on the right (facing us) yokee? didn't know she's a fan of kyu. and no pics with our forever center?

liezle said...

hey bb! times spend with rina were great. i find her amazing going around seoul alone. hee, took many photos of here in my cam because i find her adorable doing many selca.


liezle said...

hello michelle_p. i don't think yokee is around. is she's there i think i would have met her.

hi Lee Dewi. Honestly never expected it that there will be a big group of overseas fans giving KJ support on his last day. It was really touching. Btw, KJ's performance on the last day was really great. Those who watched many times only had great things to say about his last performance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle, I sent you another email. I hope you can spare me some times soon. I am so excited about the trip. I hope I will have a blast and meet other oversea and Korean fans like you.

slimz1808 said...

liezle, I'm fine to circulate the foto coz my face is too small to be spotted anyway =P
I'm waiting for the photos too.. Rem taking lotsa them but using 'i duno whose' cameras.. haaa
But I rem there were a few shots taken by a passerby whereby you and peace were in too?
This is also my first time meeting many of these girls and hope we will have the chance again ^^

etet said...

Hi slimz1808~

Have more pics of you and the gals I can send... Think you have my em address. If not, Liezle does...

Missing all of you...can't wait until the next time!!!!


chipychapy said...

loved the photos! so hard to come by n its all becoz of kyu n goong so i am ok to circulate too.. slimz is right, think there is 1 photo whereby u & peace were in. cld b with peace.. hopefully can locate n send the 1 with u 2! really missing u ladies lots! hope to meet soon.. hmm wonder which part of the world...

Ivannah said...

Love the group pic and of course your other photos...grateful that our happy times were captured. Had a great night watching Goong and meeting fellow fans. Hope to see each other again :D Thanks for sharing liezel :D

juzlazy said...

Hi Liezle,

Nice meeting you in Seoul. I'm okay to circulate this photo. As Slimz and Chipychapy had mention, the picture that having Peace and you should be in Peace's camera. I remembered the kind passer-by used Peace's camera to take it for us.

I have a couple of pictures of you with me. Will email you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle, let's send the pix to Kyu and B2M esp. the one wif you and Peace around... It was truly a memorable trip, going around Korea to see Kyu. Hope we can do this again! Thanks and take care! Cya! Denise....

TingTing said...

Wow have been waiting for this!!^^ Remind me of the wonderful memories in Seoul....Really miss the days and moments with all you girls!!

It's Kyu bring us together...met so many great people from all around the world..^^...hope we can meet again soon!

And ThanKYU Liezle for posting it and always fast news on SS501.^^


yyann said...

Hi liezle,

Nice to meet you and peacejerry tgther with many other KYU fans & TS all ard! ^^
I'm fine to circulate the photos too!
(I can't believe i met etet as well, despite seeing her replies on forums and here! haha)

Even though my time spent was the least back in Seoul, I had a great time knowing you ladies and sharing the session back than!

Missing you girls and can't wait to sse you ladies soon!! ^^


liezle said...

Hello Van! I will reply to you this weekend. ^^


liezle said...

hi slimz1808. yeah a Thai friend took it using peacejerry's camera. i saw the photo already but it wasn't good. T_T

btw, really nice meeting you finally. btw, thanks so much for all the sharing and spreading your love to kyu jong.


liezle said...

finally was able to meet you chipychapy. ^_^

yeah photos taken with me and peace from peace's cam were not good. hee, though we are thinking of using photoshop to include us. ^^

liezle said...

hey ivannah! nice knowing you and hope to see you around. ^^

liezle said...

hello juzlazy! got your email and but couldn't open pix 3 & 4m mind if you re-send? pix with me and peace didnt turn out well. we'll probably send to b2m and kyu this pix even without us.

liezle said...

denise, finally saw the lady who's taking very wonderful captures of kyu jong and sharing them with us. ^_^ thanks again.

the meeting was unplanned and it's the sweetest thing in my book during the trip. so proud of the overseas fans who gave their support to kyu jong be it they're on the last day or days prior to the last who flew all the way to watch him perform.

until next time again.

liezle said...

yyann happy to see you as well. and thanks for sharing some of your fan accounts here. really appreciate it. nice seeing all the wonderful people in seoul who has in one way or another shared something here on my blog and i remember who they are so well.

wish to see you and all the rest of the ladies again.

etet said...

Reading all these comments makes me miss you all...

Found this trip brought more to me than I ever expected.. it was because of all of you!!!

BIG HUGS!!! until the next "Kyu Jong" adventure.... (gosh I hope it's soon because this "Kyu Jong withdrawal" is keeping me up at nite)


liezle said...

Hello Ting Ting! Wow i finally get to meet you too who's been giving us wonderful vid of kyu jong in YT.

yeah hope we can meet again, k?

yourpeace said...

I........ have not processed all photo yet heehee...... Still busy in Seoul going many events to support Kyu ^^

Wait a moment. If my house is not flooded, i will start process them immediately haha....