Friday, January 06, 2012

[Article] Kyu Jong High School Photos

Much thanks to xiaochu and kelemama for sharing this translated news on their sites.

Kyu Jong is already handsome when he was still in high school but not he is much handsome.


[News] Kim Kyu Jong, High school days, cutesy selca "A god since then verified'
News Courtesy Nate ( + (eng trans) +

Group SS501 Kim Kyu Jong's high school look has been disclosed and attracted attention.

Recently this high school photo of Kim Kyu Jong was circulated through online community, showing his young beautiful face making various expressions.

In particular, bright eyes just like now and nimble jaw, mischievous young look is catching attention.

During the time when Kim Kyu Jong was studying in the high school attached to Chonbuk University, friends would call him 'Prince Kyu Jong' garnering popularity.

Netizens seeing the pics said "Oh Se Jung seen these?", "Radiant look be it then or now", "Cute expressions", "A god since then".


Anonymous said...

Now i really don't believe kyu jong had plastic surgery...he is already handsome during his highschool days...

Anonymous said...

Pudgy nose! Now his profile is sharp.

ping0119 said...

so good looking since young~~~ <333