Tuesday, January 03, 2012

[FanCams] Hyun Joong Zipped Off to Beijing 01.03.12

Hyun Joong left Korea today via Incheon to go Beijing in connection with the promotion of TheFaceShop.

Hey, I love the hair. I always love his hair like this. Miss this kind of hair on him since 'Lucky' promo.

Here are fancams of handsome Hyun Joong at the airport from some of his fanclubs who were at the airport to see him off.

First vid is courtesy of KimHyunJoong YES lifted from their official YouTube channel .

Here is another one from KimHyunJoong24 this time courtesy of 's YouTube channel.

One more from YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong ah, are you tired?
Please rest well.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is really handsome and very Good to me. Yesterday he went to China for promotion. I think there is so many words of encouragement and cheering. He had many schedules last year's end cemerony. I don't understand why some say only TIRED. REST etc.. That's not encouragement comment at all. Cheers up our precious Leader!!

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see you.
Miss you so much.

Anonymous said...


Sometime hyunjoong doesnt look good and handsome and when someone comments he looks tired and needs rest is when he was not at his best.Words of concern is important to some fans too cause it comes from the heart.It differs individually of course as how we perceive of him each time.Honest opinion is better than a standard words of encoragement that doesnt match what you see....just my pov