Monday, January 02, 2012

Kyu Jong in Strong Heart on January 03, 2012

On the Tuesday, the 3rd of January do not forget to mark your calendar or set your alarm as Kyu Jong will be one of the guests in SBS Strong Heart which will start to broadcast at 11:50PM (KST).

What is something to get excited about this aside from Kyu Jong being in the show is that for the longest time he will be again be meeting his long time crush Oh Se Jung.

Oh yeah, I can't wait to see how Kyu Jong will react to her and vice versa. Also, I am excited to see the hug that we all saw in the short teaser.

Here are are few photos from the show which I lifted from the post of 熊貓bebe on Baidu which according to her is from 强心脏官网.

Also, I am shoving in this post the teaser that I earlier posted from the YouTube channel of


Anonymous said...

Kyu Jong is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

The above video link is taken at the backstage of Goong sometime ago. Have you posted it before. Kyu Jong is very playful and cute.

Kyu Jong looks like a very shy little boy in Strong Heart. I'm very excited for him.

liezle said...

Hello 11:06!Much thanks for the tip! I've made a separate post for this.


liezle said...

Hi 12:34! Thanks for the info. Made a new post about this vid. He's adorably cute.