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[Article] Harisu on Kyu Jong and Luna

Thanks much to xiaochu for doing the translation of this article on Quainte501.

I guess one common denominator that many says about Kyu Jong is that he's polite. It's not the only time we've read someone said this about him, right?


[News] Harisu “Kind Luna, Polite KyuJong” Friendliness Shot

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Artiste Harisu uploaded several photos and informed her recent news.

Harisu posted a news in her own mini hompy in the early morning of 29-Jan “This is the recent Harisu hee Caught a cold and body is aching, from flu to sore throat TT Now it’s only sore throat left TT The increasing thing is my weight, what should I do? TT TT Must exercise right? Hate exercising~!”

In addition, she posted a message “Filmed Go BongShil on Friday hee Together with pretty and kind Luna and good looking and polite KyuJong~^^” showing her closeness with f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kim KyuJong.

In the photo, Harisu was pouting and giving off cuteness, her long hair was let down and shows off her sensuous charms.

In addition, she puts her arms around Kim KyuJong and Luna whom she filmed the drama with, and looked into the camera, displaying their friendliness in the pic.

Netizens responded “Unnie, it’s really great to be able to see you on TV recently!” “Unnie is very pretty~ Please be careful of flu!” “Totally so pretty! Unnie you’re very funny hee”

Harisu plays ‘Risu’, a transsexual female boss’ in TV Chosun drama ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil’.

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