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[Articles] Jung Min Tempted by the Expensive Fondant Cake

Two articles which contain almost the same news have been translated for us by tzeyin28 and shared on her Facebook fanpage. Much much thanks again for your effort in doing the translation tzeyin28!

Geez, I wonder when this drama will finish. Jung Min has been staying in Taiwan for almost 6 months. As I remember earlier, his company said that he'll start promoting for his Japanese album in January. It's already February and he is still in Taiwan. I really hope that the drama will end soon. I want Jung Min to go back to singing soon. He had already the momentum during the 'Not Alone' comeback and it would have been really nice if the gap is not that long.

Anyway, I will be waiting and anticipating whether it's drama or album. But really crossing my fingers and toes that both will be soon.


[News] Park Jung Min drools when he sees the 60,000-dollar fondant cake
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Park Jung Min (left) and Jian Man Shu
have gourmet’s luck in their new drama.
They can’t stop praising the fondant cake
that costs 60,000 Taiwan dollars.

“Sugarcake Garden” with Korean idol Park Jung Min as the main lead, the film crew recently customized a 60,000-dollar fondant cake that’s specially made as a drama prop. Greedy Park Jung Min wanted to taste the cream of it and he heard it costs tens of thousands of dollars, it gave him a shock but he was glad he didn’t ruin it just because he’s greedy.

“Sugarcake Garden” needs various types of cakes due to its plot, a 3-layer fondant cake that costs 60,000 Taiwan dollars has once been made. Looking at those handmade decorations and unique China patterns on it, Park Jung Min wanted to try it. The staff were shocked and they hurriedly stopped him. Park Jung Min said: “I didn’t know it’s so expensive, next time I’ll eat it when the drama filming is done.”

Park Jung Min who came to Taiwan for a long stay to film “Sugarcake Garden” has been staying here for half a year. He looks for delicacies everywhere whenever he has time. “I always go to Shilin to eat ‘Salt & Pepper Chicken’, ‘Oyster Omelette’ and ‘Grilled Corn’, however Thai cuisine in Taiwan is the most delicious.” He even tried ‘面龟’ (@tzeyin28: idk what it’s called) before Lunar/Chinese New Year and he said it’s really cute. He wants to bring it back to Korea and lets his parents eat it for luck.


[News] “Fondant Cake”, greedy Park Jung Min almost courted disaster
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The film crew of idol drama “Sugarcake Garden” spent a sheer amount of money and made a 60,000-dollar fondant cake as a drama prop. Upon seeing the beautiful cake at the filming location, greedy main lead Park Jung Min couldn’t help but try to have a bite of its cream when everyone’s not paying attention to him. He almost spoiled the drama prop of superior quality but luckily the staff managed to stop him from ruining it.

Park Jung Min likes to eat sweet food and his eyes sparkle whenever he sees various types of cakes at filming locations. The film crew once prepared a huge 3-layer fondant cake, not only is it made with expensive ingredients and time-consuming, but it’s also decorated with refined handmade decorations and unique China patterns, making the cake look extremely gorgeous. Park Jung Min even clapped his hands, praised it and tried to eat it but luckily he was stopped from doing so. He said afterwards: “I didn’t know it’s so expensive, next time I’ll eat it when the drama filming is done.”


Park RayRay said...

Minnie oh Minnie! You r so funny n I do not know how can one not love you more. ;p
Yes, d drama filming had taken n Taiwan had been "keeping" him way toooo long until it's unfair to his fans & Ts in other countries!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for jungmin while others are enjoying limelight in korea and japan he is played like a yoyo by his agency.Oh comeon cnr make him famous already cant wait for him to appear more in television or on screen..pali pali cheabal

sinthia said...

I agree with you anonymous 4:00 AM, I hope at least his sacrifice be rewarded and his drama be a great success. He deserves it after his dedication and hard work.