Wednesday, February 01, 2012

[Scanned Pix] Jung Min w/ Alexandra Burke in Milk

These scanned photos of Jung Min from Milk with Alexandra Burke have been on the new for several days now but I am only posting now. Actually I am waiting for some kind soul to share the translation but up to know I still have not seen any. And since the following photos were emailed to me by @yyann I thought might as well post them now since we have not been much of anything from Jung Min as well as the other members of SS501 that we love.

If you all remember on the 10th of December at Guangzhou, China Jung Min together with Train, Alexandra Burke, A-Lin and Zakes Bantwini attended the Hennessy Artistry Party 2011. From this event Jung Min had an opportunity to have this rare chance to have a photo shoot with British R&B and pop recording artist Alexandra Burke.

Here are the scanned photos and really wishing that someone will share with English speaking fans what's written on the magazine (as well as the interview). Again, thanks to yann for the photos!


Anonymous said...

our Jungmiah so hot!

Anonymous said...

omg alexandra burke is so popular in the uk. wow jungmin nd her together is awesome

Chara said...

agree with both of u. JM is stretching his wings seeing these photos. And he is still our sexy charisma!!!^^

sinthia said...

The way he goes, working hard and always so dedicated, I think it not gonna take long till we see him realize his dream of being world famous.
I admire him more and more each day!^^