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[Trans] Q&A : Hyun Jong @ AEON Secret Event

Another treat from tzeyin28! Thank you again for sharing this on your Facebook fanpage. Thanks as well to the other translators for without them English translation will not be shared by tzeyin28.

Hyun Joong will be staying in Japan until the 8th of February and we will get to hear/read more about him in the coming days. Is that good? When it rains it pours, right?


[Trans] Hyun Joong – “Q & A Sections” @ AEON Secret Event
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Chinese translation: koukinzz @ 金贤重中文网 (
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On the afternoon of January 28th, “Kim Hyun Joong’s Aeon TopValu HeatFact Secret Event” was held at Aeon LakeTown shopping mall in Koshigaya, Saitama. 200 participants were selected among 43,652 people and they had a wonderful time there.

Kim Hyun Joong gained popularity as a result of being the famous Korean male group SS501’s leader and successfully made his Japan debut on January 25th. The atmosphere reached its climax during the live broadcast of Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan debut single “Kiss Kiss” performance recording! Kim Hyun Joong made an appearance at the event in the midst of loud cheers!

He conveyed his greetings – “Hello everyone, I’m Kim Hyun Joong.”

“We’re all Lucky Guy.” – he used his smiling face to calm the fans down.


MC: “Japan debut single ‘Kiss Kiss’ performance recording went well, what kind of mood were you in at the moment you performed it?

KHJ: “I was thinking ‘If I had someone to love, I would like to say words like these and carry out such activities too.’ during the filming of it.”

MC: “This song is also the theme song of ‘AEON Kizuna Valentine’, how do you feel after watching the CM?”

KHJ: “There’s an old woman dancing behind me, she surprised me because she danced very well. It made me feel vexed and I wonder if I could still dance to ‘Break Down’ when I reached old age.” – his serious reply made everyone burst into laughter.

Furthermore, “When I reach old age, maybe there will be people watching over me from heaven.” (a great laugh) “It’s actually good like that. Only looking at me anyway~” – entering Kim Hyun Joong’s world again!! Everyone in the venue was laughing!

MC: “Was it your first time meeting the people in the CM during the filming of it?”

KHJ: “(Yes,) We met each other for the first time. I’ve watched the video recorded when my dancers taught them how to dance on the day before the actual filming. Watching them try to remember dance moves within a day made me think I should work hard too.” – talking about things that happened during the filming of it.


A message board with fans’ comments (on AEON’s Facebook page?) was made. A fan was chosen to give it to Kim Hyun Joong.

At AEON Facebook page under [Warmth Kim Hyun Joong] which compile all the fans thoughts that are collected for the Message board [Aeon Facebook Heartfelt Message]. Thru this objectives & Ceremonial event via lucky pick, letting 1 fan to present this message board to Kim Hyun Joong. [thanks to cll_slam10 for the translation of this paragraph]

During the Q & A section, Kim Hyun Joong personally chose 3 questions and replied them himself.

Q: “Did you eat ‘Rice with Beef’ and ‘Ramen’ during your stay in Japan?”

A: “Of course I did. I eat them every day.”

Q: “What kind of drama would you like to play a role in?”

A: “I want to play the role of ‘Roronoa Zoro’ in the manga ‘One Piece’.”

Q: “How did you feel after making a guest appearance on ‘Music Station’?”

A: “I didn’t feel nervous, it felt great to be able to attend such a show myself, I felt uneasy because everything went well for me who just made my debut.” – expressing his feelings about it.

After that, a fansign event was held. Kim Hyun Joong signed autographs for his fans one by one in a serious manner and interacted with his fans and the event ended happily.

His last words

“I made a successful debut in Japan thanks to everyone’s help. I will carry out activities in Japan in early February and return to Korea. You may be a tad bit disappointed because I’m not going to star in any dramas for a period of time, however I really want to greet everyone with a new drama.” – telling us how he felt.

“Thanks everyone” – he waved at his fans politely and (you can tell) he’s full of style and confidence as a ‘Star’ by looking at his gesture.

Kim Hyun Joong is not only famous in the Korean music industry, but also enjoys very high popularity in countries like Japan and America. Gradually opening up his ‘leader world’!! Becoming more and more difficult to forget!!

---omitted details on his Japan activities in Feb---


Anonymous said...

Rice with beef, is actually Gyudon.. =)

We know, our leader really likes Gyudon.. ^^v

Anonymous said...

Oh our 4D prince, I burst into laughter when I read the part about the old woman dancing behind him.

Even if you dance to a slower version of 'Break Down' in your old age, I will still support you... heehee.

Anonymous said...

Love any Hyun Joong's words, very funny and 4D.

Anonymous said...

Cute, lovely, handsome,...
Huyn Joong ah, fighting.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. Hyunj joong.. My baby boy!! I'll still love u when u are old and dance to break down.. Never get tired of u coz u are soo full of life and humor.. U keep evolving and it's nice to see so many different sides of u.. I know u will look so handsome in ur military suit with cropped hair.. XD.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Hyun Joong in a drama asap. Miss him and would like to see him in a dark comedy. I think he will be great as a vampire esp with his killing looks.But not to make it totally dark, he should have some humorous lines and be in some humorous situations and have a girl he is interested in protecting.

Anonymous said...

Oh also should add in some hot love scenes of course! Lol

Anonymous said...

Ok, also add in some serious fighting and frightening episodes. Hahaha. Not forgetting the blood. Not Vampire without the blood right? Maybe I should write the script! Hahaha.