Thursday, March 10, 2011

03.09.11 S/Tweet Treats

Young Saeng went on tweet spree tonight and he even asked followers to throw in questions for him which he will only choose one and answer (but no answer till now. ^^)

Anyway, read translation of his tweet courtesy of xiaochu of Quainte501. YS seems to be in a good mood. ^^


[Trans] 03.09.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits

2011-03-09 @ 1:21am
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 Woke up and ate, rested for just 30mins then came out kekeke Aigo nervous to death.

2011-03-09 @ 1:39am
Steven_Lee_ @HyungJun87 Song is good! Daebak Daebak!!

2011-03-09 @ 11:11pm

2011-03-09 @ 11:17pm
sek0505 @mystyle1103 In the same boat kekeke

2011-03-09 @ 11:20pm
mystyle1103 People who are curious to know something about me~~~(raise your) Hand!! I will reply to just 1 person~~ke

2011-03-09 @ 11:20pm
sek0505 @mystyle1103 What have you been up to these days ke

2011-03-09 @ 11:21pm
mystyle1103 @sek0505 I have been recording (for album) recently of course~~ke It's tiring~~ TT TT

2011-03-09 @ 11:21pm
WarrenBONBOO @mystyle1103 Me! YoungSaeng-ah When are we able to meet up? I must ask Representative Park to get you when I see him

2011-03-09 @ 11:21pm
_JJJH @mystyle1103 kekekekekekekeb;san (expensive?) guy, during school club's specialty show-off time, should I do an individuality voice imitation, or Doraemon voice imitation, or roll forward or backwards? Ah, please recommend me TT TT

2011-03-09 @ 11:22pm
sek0505 @mystyle1103 Eum eum it will be out very soon ke I goes to B2M on weekends ke

2011-03-09 @ 11:23pm
sek0505 @mystyle1103 I miss opppa on weekends ke

2011-03-09 @ 11:25pm
mystyle1103 @_JJJH I think it will be interesting if you do voice imitation of Doraemon while putting up a conte keke

2011-03-09 @ 11:25pm
mystyle1103 @sek0505 Aren't you looking at the photos??keke Are you coming to the office to have lessons?

2011-03-09 @ 11:28pm
sek0505 @mystyle1103 kekekekeke Photo keke yes I am having it

2011-03-09 @ 11:30pm
tongkenfish @mystyle1103 Saeng-ah~ You've went through alot to record (album)~ ^^ When your album is out, even though it's not going to be a great help, but I will be enthusiastically promoting it through twitter for you. Hwaiting!!!

2011-03-09 @ 11:31pm
mystyle1103 @tongkenfish kekeke Thanks~~

2011-03-09 @ 11:31pm
mystyle11403 @sek0505 I see~Do it properly!!! ke

2011-03-09 @ 11:33pm
sek0505 @mystyle1103 Yes..............TT TT keke

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Anonymous said...

he answered one already. its the reply to @_JJJH. doraemon voice imitation - LOL! he is not following her so she must be a fan. he answered one too fast! after just 5mins of posting the tweet that he will reply to just 1 person! haha

young saeng is such a tease! really looking forward to his solo album!