Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Trans] Portion of Hyung Jun's Thank You Message from 1st Solo Album

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip! Heaps of thanks of course to Happiebb for doing the translation of the portion [much awaited portion ^^] of Hyung Jun message on his 1st solo album.


Portion of Hyung Jun's Thank You Message from 1st Solo Album 'My Girl'
Credits to MC丨亨俊顺利CB + (English translation) Happiebb

The affinity that’s fated to be forever in my life
The five brothers in SS501,
Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, and… me!
Even when we’re older and aged, we stil want to stand onto the stage together,
We must keep the promise…
Really love you (guys) very very much,
We must keep and guard our brotherhood no matter the passage of time.

That’s not all~! For the many, many TripleS,
the five of us will work hard to reunite and come together,
Please, all of you, do not forget that, ya,
There will be rewards, so please believe in us!
We will be together, for sure.


Anonymous said...

He's very sweet person! We still believe in you guys!

misunjun said...

I feel compassion when i read this... SS501 Hwating!!. thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Our Hyung Jun managed to make my eyes teary n touched even with a short message..dun worry Hyung Jun, our faith is strong n will patiently waiting for u guys to reunite once da mean time, all da best for ur comeback, stand out there proudly...your fans n hyungs are proud of u...

Thnx liezle...

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

THIS is worth celebrating for!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i knew it..i knew uri sweet baby would thank his members and also triples s
hyungjun fighting!
triple s will support u no matter what !
thanks for sharing the translation

noy said...

OMG.. I'm jumping happily when read this.. it's so sweet he mention not only all his brotherSS but also TS. I will continue support, love and believe in SS501.
Hyun Joong FIGHTING!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hyung Jun for the thank you msg!^^ I believe in you and SS501!
For the time being wishing his solo album to be DAEBAK!!
TripleS always there supporting!:)

Anonymous said...

This is really sweet of Hyung Jun. Even during his solo activities he makes sure to reassure everyone that SS501 will reunite. Can't wait.

Hope someone will translate his whole thank you message.

Anonymous said...

the message of maknae is touching and sincere.... just like when mal also wrote his thank you message in his solo album.... the gratitude and dedication and vow to strive harder and be together till they are old is what they aspire to be..... til then - we will always be there for the 5 of you- your back support: TripleS global^^

thanks for sharing this article; i commend the one who translated this and shared her talent to us all^^ (A)

Anonymous said...

reading baby's message made me teary.....sweet magnae