Wednesday, March 09, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong's Interview wtih Hot Chili Paper

Have you read Young Saeng's interview from Hot Chili Paper translated by Slam that I posted last night? Well, if you miss reading that interesting interview of Young Saeng you may want to click HERE and read.

Now, comes Kyu Jong's interview translation from the same magazine as translated again by Slam and shared on her blog, My Inner World in graphic arts. Thanks for the hard work!

Another great read. Don't miss it!


[Article] Kyu Jong's Interview wtih Hot Chili Paper
Japanese to Chinese translation by yuding.198 /
Chinese to English translation by cllslam10 /

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Anonymous said...

I feel Kyu jong sincerity with his answer. Love you Kyu, i will support you always. You can do it. Aja!

Anonymous said...

this interview is finally something different from the usual old questions and answers. interesting..

Go kyujong! hwaiting!! I'll be waiting patiently for your next project!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, err, slam i appreciate you for translating but can you edit the color of kyu's answers to something darker (the font color)....

Kyu: very sincere, humble and good person; sometimes, i wanna shake him and tell him to be mean and tough but the mere thought of it makes me cringe, Kyu is such a sweetie

looking forward to watching your dramas and listening to your music as a music producer^^

Anonymous said...

so he wants to be a music producer just like steven oppa? great!

btw liezle why aren't you allowing people to hotlink your images? if i'm not wrong you're using blogger to host your pics and there isn't any bandwidth limit like imageshack or photobucket right?

liezle said...

Hi 12:54 and thanks for leaving a comment.

Actually there is a limit when using blogspot (not sure with other blog sites). Since 2 years ago I have already exceeded my allowable bandwidth. Since then I have been buying from picasa web album yearly storage space to host the images that i use in my blog. as for longer photos like what you see in the above post, i use imageshack because when photos are stretched the pixels are more better than using picasa. as you also probably know, imageshack has smaller bandwidth that is why i always indicate not to hotlink.