Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hyun Joong Message from his Japanese Official Board 03.13.11

Thanks to wonderrrgirl of LoveKimHyunJoong for translating Hyun Joong message posted on his Japanese Website.

Let's continue to pray that no more devastation as big as the one that happened last Friday will come again. Let's also continue to pray for everyone who were affected to stay strong and keep their faith.


[2011.03.13] KHJ's Msg for the Earthquake Victims
Original: KHJ's Japanese website
Chinese translation: hyunbar
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @

Extending my deepest condolences
to the victims of the Earthquake that happened in the North-eastern Pacific region

I understand that on the 11th of March,
there was an earthquake in the north-eastern pacific.
After knowing about the devastating aftermath of the earthquake,
I am very worried.

Originally the event was to be held today,
and I've been looking forward to meet everyone.
However, because of the disaster that happened,
we were forced to cancel the plans to visit Japan.

I am not sure if every victim of the earthquake are all in a very dire state or not,
but I really hope that everyone will take care of their health
and continue to pray that everyone can quickly go back to live in safe, peaceful times again.

I look forward to the day when I could see everyone in the highest form again.

Kim Hyun Joong.


Anonymous said...

Fan understan your sadness and worriment, Hyun Joong.
Pls. encourage Japanese fans to overcome the natural calamity.

Anonymous said...

pls correct news on the khj's website, it mentioned hyun joong's departure "from" japan cancelled, it might mislead fans into believing that khj is in japan...

Chara said...

Wow, a message!

Good,.. Actually I'm under the impression, we hear the least news from the one who is said to be the mostpopular one under the boys...

I agree to the content of the message: Hope all Japanese will get over this disaster soon. Hope case won't get worse.

Anonymous said...

@Chara - Apparently you don't go to strictly Kim Hyun Joong fan sites. We hear news about him all the time.

As usual a very caring message from Kim Hyun Joong.

pengfoo said...

Very glad to read HJ's message. I am sure his fans will be comforted by his concern for them and the Japanese people. He's very caring.

Let's join in to pray for the Japanese people that there will be quick restoration of peace to their country's chaotic situation and no further adverse news. The Japanese have undergone devastating shocks and have suffered painful losses of loved ones, property and livelihood. Let's also pray for their quick recovery mentally, physically and financially. Let's show our love for Japan.

Anonymous said...

our kim hyun joong is really a wonderful guy... feel his concern and give encouregement to all affected...he is really wonderful u more and more hyun joong

Anonymous said...

Liezle's Blog caters to all five boys of SS501 thus it would appear that HJL will have the least news of the five.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. Hyun Joong is really a nice guy both in look and heart.

I just read some Korean news, He donated one billion won and ask the office in Japan to purchase necessaries for the victims there.

He is always the guy in action more than talks... sooo looooovvvvveeee him.... >////<

Anonymous said...

oh sorry... not one billion but 100 million...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Hyun Joong.
I'm proud to be your fan, my idol.
Never stop to support you.

Anonymous said...

KHJ deserves all the love from people. He always does action more than talk which is not easy to do. Love him forever and ever.
Pray Japanese people will get over difficulties with strong heart and damages are less than seen....

Anonymous said...

Proud to be his fan...proud of him..
Kim Hyun Joong ah, i can't stop loving u more and more everyday...ottoke???? TTTT

Anonymous said...

so proud of you hyun joong!!! may God bless you more...