Monday, March 14, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Donated to Victims of Japan Quake

I am 6 hours late (or more) in posting this article which have been posted all over. Been really busy at work and it's making me crazy. Actually love working but having someone whom you can't get along with is super stressful that having truckloads of work. Sigh... I wish I can survive.

Anyway, am still posting this article though. Much thanks to Honeyeee for doing the translation on Love501.


[news] Kim HyunJoong donated 100 million won to the victims of Japan Earthquake
Source: TV Report
English Translation: Honeyeee @
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Kim Hyun Joong made a donation of 100 million Won to help the Japan Earthquake.

On the 14th, Kim Hyun Joong had made a donation of 100 million won through DA agency to help the victims and the damages caused by the Japan earthquake.

Kim Hyun Joong said "I was shocked and sad to hear the news. Although i cannot help much, but i hope everything will recover quickly and i hope to be able to help those victims."

He added with favour, "There are a lot of people who need our help. Let's all join our hearts together and give them hope."

An Japan agency official revealed, "To show his concern, Kim Hyun Joong had seeked my opinion of the fastest way to purchase aid supplies and to be delivered to the victims as soon as possible."


Anonymous said...

...KHJ very proud of you lol!!!

Anonymous said...

so proud of him! very nice guy. less talk, more action. always willing to help people in need. kim hyun joong manseh! :)

Anonymous said... are really and ANGEL <3 u so much.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful person inside and out!!!!

Anonymous said...

KHJ, you are one amazing guy! Keep being who you are, a generous, kind-hearted, 4-D person! KHJ Hwaiting! Japanese people Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

I'm pround of you, Hyun Joong.
You are big star and have warm heart.

Anonymous said...

The man of action

"work hard,earn more and help people who need" by Kim Hyun joong
Love him!

God bless japan
Japan fighting
KHJ fighting

Joyce Choong said...

As always, our Angel Prince to the rescue. May the Japanese nation overcome their losses and rebuild their lives quickly. May God give them comfort and the strength to go on with life. May God continue to bless Hyun Joong Ssi so that he can be healthy and happy to make more money and to donate more.

Anonymous said...

Wuri hyun joong, so proud of being a fan of such a fine person. Only can say he's one of the most beautiful human beings on an out.

Pray no more earthquake on Japan and they can overcome this difficult time strongly.

Anonymous said...

Kim Hyun Joong - an angel without wings!!!

Anonymous said...

there is a saying:"do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing."

when you help other people in any way you can, there is no need for it to be publicised.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean anonymous 4:57?
a celebbrity's 'publicised' donation can encourage a lot of people to act.
and you should remember how HJL did in Phillipines.
he's not a vaunted kind of person at all.
but this time, he is ASKING for everybody participate to help Japanese victims.
don't you understand that?

you're so rude and careless!
shame on You!

Anonymous said...

Even if hyunjoong wants to remain anonymous he cant the media and much loved fans will hunt for his news like a hungry hyena...he is never left alone

Anyway leader we know you donated because you want to not because you are force to, thats good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Angel Raphael

Anonymous said...

@4:57 That's true enough. But, do you really think HJL is the type to seek fame/publicity this way? If you think that, then you don't know him well, do you? Anyway, it's not at all surprising what he has done cos he has been doing this kind of thing since years ago, that is, helping others, publicly or privately. May God bless you always, HJL, and may the Japanese people find the fortitude to face this tragic situation.