Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Girl' & 'oH! aH!' made their way in M! Countdown 03.10.11

Hyung Jun first stage on M! Countdown for his 1st solo album 'My Girl' is up on YT. Much much thanks to for the fast upload. Go and watch it... Hyung Jun is looking good on stage. And wow again fans chant is at its loudest. ^^

Screencaps from news portal.

Btw, I think the first set of screencaps is the same photos the Kyu Jong tweeted ^^. It's from HERE.


Anonymous said...

great performances from Baby! ^^ He looks fine hehe

Anonymous said...

his performance was just epic..he looked so handsome yet cute
i loved his expression in oh ah..he looks so happy too!
i want to keep that smile on his face and help him win an award.
hyungjun fighting

Anonymous said...

He was so happy being on stage again. He is just made for the stage. The performance was amazing. The dancing was great and the vocals were perfect.

Anonymous said...

everything is just perfect!!!!!
his voice, the chereography, the tempo, the back up dancers, the music and the singer are terrific!!!!!

kim hyung joon daebak

love0488 said...

woahh Hyung jun 짱.. 대박!! yes he's made for the stage,. that was a stunning performance from our dear maknae.. You go baby.. fighting^^

Anonymous said...

oh ah is so addictive1
hyugnjun fighting!