Monday, October 03, 2011

Another Surge of Pix from Kyu Jong's 1st Fan Signing Event 10.02.11

Did you see the video in my last post? Like the other members, Kyu Jong is also sweet to fans and you can see the sincerity of appreciation from his eyes. Wish I can be lucky like the other fans.

I am shoving here photos that I lifted from Baidu another set of nicely taken snapshot of Kyu Jong from HotTrack YoungDeoungPo Signing Event for Kyu Jong' first solo mini album 'Turn Me On' that happened yesterday at 7:30PM. Heaps of thanks to the shutterbug of JEJARI for the wonderful shots.


ping0119 said...

Kyu's stare in the last pic.. 무서다 ㅠㅠ

pengfoo said...

Kyu Joong looks very good in these pics. Really manly and handsome. Great jacket!

sinthia said...

woaah... Kyu is sooooooooo handsome!!! He's looking gorgeous in these pics. *.*