Thursday, October 13, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Album Release, "The last pride as someone from SS501…"

One more article about Hyun Joong's who is set to comeback next week for his new 2nd mini album. In this article media quoted fans' comments and made in to an article.

Much thanks to Honeyeee of Love501 for sharing the news on LOVE501.COM.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Album Release, "The last pride as someone from SS501…"
Source: Consumer News
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Kim Hyun Joong originally from male group SS501 released jacket photos from his 2nd mini album 'LUCKY'

Kim Hyun Joong's new mini album 'LUCKY' includes a total of 5 songs with consist of a funky, rock and roll title song "LUCKY GUY' , 'Do You Like That', classic ballad 'I'm Your Man' and 'U' with an impressive melody line.

For this album, Kim Hyun Joong transforms into a 'Gambler' which gives off a different feeling and of a huge contrast to his rough and tough image from 'Break Down'.

The title song 'LUCKY GUY' was produced based on a rhythmical electric sound, featuring an American up-tempo punky rock. Talented band 'Day Break Common Ground' members was invited to help in the production session as well.

In response to this news, Netizens responded "It will be great if you can keep this last pride as someone from SS501" and "I'm expecting a lot after seeing this album jacket"

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently working on releasing his mini album.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the netizen comment to me. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't get it too - been thinking about it for hours now.

Anonymous said...

"It will be great if you can keep this last pride as someone from SS501"

I read it earlier in Soompi and I have the same thought. I don't get it. Somehow I feel the writer that quote the netizen doesn't know either. But just quoted it for the headline. Since it seems nothing in the article has anything to do with the quote. Unless I misread something. Or is something lost in the translation.

Anonymous said...

Ha!! This is obviously another case of lost in translation.
Please Triple S, don't let yourselves be too much affected by all these articles.
Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
I'm sooo looking forward to seeing KHJ and KKJ together at some of the music programs.
Let's all just try our hardest to help them. The competition is fierce with all those girl groups also releasing their albums.

Honeyeee said...

Hello! I'm Honeyeee ^^ I did the translation btw & I guess I need to clarify this:

From the article the writer wrote (or rather quoted) exactly: "SS501 출신의 마지막 자존심을 지켜줬으면 좋겠다" I'm just translating directly from this comment from netizens which literally translates into 'As someone originally from SS501, I hope you will be able to keep this last pride'

To be honest I was searching for article on whereby Hyun Joong talks about SS501 to read up on. Then this headline attracted me. But as you can see, the headline was just another headline to attract readers. & I finished translating the article realizing that as well. I could have not post it up since it might cause another controversy, but I did anyway since I already finish it. So... Yeah, you get my drift? :p

Anonymous said...

Hi, Honeyeee! Thanks for the translation anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

well im glad that someone at least reminded him he shud have pride as a ss501 member
she prob said "last" bc she read his recent articles too and beleived that there was no chance of a ss501 comeback

i still want to beleive tho ... kyujong !! tickle or slap leader like you used to and make him behave !!

ping0119 said...

@5:33 PM
your last part is so cute.. haha. Put a dragonfly on Leader

Anonymous said...

'the last pride' ... something to do with guild wars? ... and by the way, asking kyujong to slap leader to behave is really asking kyujong to be rude, is it not? even as a joke, we ss501 fans ought to have some pride as well.

Anonymous said...

yes, sweet kyu, slaps leader just like you used to :)
i can picture leader will smile & joke back: "thankyu. but it is no fun if only myself to behave.
Seems you are not as honest as you look. (leader joked about this at visiting kyu at goong practice room about the drinking)
Besides, you will never be able to escape form any of ss501 projects, so let's work together ^^"

Anonymous said...

@10:29pm I was talking abt that one clip from "thank you for raising me up" where hyun joong was too lazy to get up and turn off the light so he tried to use a stuffed animal pillow to turn it off while still laying down - jungmin even came in the room and yelled at him for being noisy - then kyu got annoyed and slapped leaders butt and turned off the light himself :P
also abt the tickling part - when they were making kimbap on the same show baby and mal were eating all the ingredients and kyu called leader to help make them stop - leader came and instead of making them stop he showed them the right way to eat ingredients equally LOL so then kyu started tickling him to make him stop eating

in m!pick when it was the kyu special show the members had to pick something bad to say abt kyu and some of them picked that he scolds people - he may be laid back and quiet and always agreeing with everyone but he is also the one that keeps them in line lol he is such an upright person <3

Anonymous said...

Did someone really take the slapping talk seriously? Do you know nothing about SS501 interactions? Come on, seriously now, its sad that 12:46 even had to explain herself.

Anonymous said...

What's lost in the translation? Just means , Netizens say - Hyun Joong you are the last of the SS501 guys to perform, Just make it something for SS501 to be proud of. Simple as that.
Why is there any need to read anything more into a simple statement as that.

Don't cut your nose to spite your face. SS501 is a tight unit. Just support it as a whole!

Anonymous said...

do you see any serious face. we only see people joking around :)
you make a joke for fun, but it will not fun at all if you are play alone ^^

sinthia said...

Anon 2:48 AM... ditto!
Triple S are too sensitive lately.Come on girls be a little more playful!