Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong's Plan for Next Year

Another interesting article from Hyun Joong who is comebacking next week. Article liftef from AKP.


SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he will be making a comeback as an actor at the end of next year.
Source + Photo: Star News
Courtesy of carolicity / AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong held a press conference for the release of his 2nd mini-album, where he explained, “Since I released a new album only four months after my last album, there may be some people who feel that it came out too soon. However, I wanted to show off as much as I could during the Asia or perhaps world tour that I’ll hold next year, so that’s the reason I’m releasing my 2nd mini album.”

He continued, “In the beginning of November, there’ll be a new digital single, and in January of next year, I will release another album.”

Kim Hyun Joong also talked about his acting plans as well. “I don’t think I can be a singer and an actor at the same time… When I’m a singer, I want the fans to see me as a singer… The Asia tour will end next June, then right after that I’ll start acting. Later on in the year, I’ll come back to the fans through a drama.” He added, “If I rest for too long, I become lazy… I’m also slowly starting to think about doing movies as well.”

After his appearances in popular dramas like KBS‘s ‘Boys over Flowers‘ and MBC‘s ‘Playful Kiss‘, many are interested in Hyun Joong’s return as an actor.


Anonymous said...

the one question I really wanna know is, is uri Leader Hyun Joong coming back as part of SS501 or not? i've been waiting and waiting and waiting for SS501's comeback........ I love them most as 5. ahh, how much longer do we have to wait?

boySS, please get together already!!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is never one to rest on his laurels. He is so hard-working - workaholic?
Please also remember to take a vacation & rest,ok? We want you healthy and happy, Leader.

Good Luck with all your plans!

Anonymous said...

His mind is no devil's work shop for sure! Hyun Joong is amazing!

Anonymous said...

@ 4.41PM u were right..i'm waiting for there cameback to..i really miss them as 5 n i do think kyu jong need n more strong if the boys around..n i really think that they are more shine when they 5..i'm still waiting..

Anonymous said...

i am with those who miss the boys but i don't think that a comeback of them together would never materialize now. i still want to believe and wait but with Leader's future plans when he reached 30, i think i have to abandon the idea of their comeback. i could feel my another world is slowly crashing with this news. haay.

Chara said...

I agree. Reading his plans, I wish he would mention SS501 Comeback next year... But what's there?

3rd Album, Asia Tour, acting. Not that I don#t like it to, but i'd be more happy about a SS501 Comeback, as promised...

Anonymous said...

whether SS501 come back or not in near future is not what leader can decide by himself, how can he announce in his plan? i think when the time bing he will let us know. for now everybody is doing well in their own solo activite, i kind enjoy that too but will wait for their come back as a group in the future

Anonymous said...

I kinda hope they each do well in their solo activities first. Then there will be so much more to bring to the table when they finally come together on the stage.
Remember, sad as it is, they cannot perform the old songs of SS501 publicly anymore. Those songs belong to DSP. Even the name SS501 belongs to DSP.

So people, we should also try to understand there are difficulties the boys have to face to make a reunification even to perform together, let alone get an album out as SS501, unless all or one of the boys steps up to buy the ownership of SS501 from DSP.
Meanwhile each of them has to concentrate on making a name for themselves and keep SS501 alive.

SS501 has still not disbanded. The best way to help SS501 will be to support each of it's members so that they get famous enough to get the clot to make things happen.

Anonymous said...

leader did not mention SS501 since there will be no comeback.....if he really wants a comeback, he would work hard for it since he is free to do what he wants in KE; but that is not his priority, understood?

its high time we accept this and wakeup