Tuesday, October 04, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong Still Can't Believe He's Going Solo with 'Turn Me On'

Geez, how is it that I always get so busy when I am about to take a vacation....sigh. And I still have to go out of town tomorrow for work... sigh again.

Anyway, news about members of SS501 keep me sane and relax at times like this.

Here's another article translated and shared by xiaochu on Quainte501 about Kyu Jong. Much thanks!

With this venture, I hope that Kyu Jong will have more confidence about himself and that will be able to take part in composing his own song the next time.


[Interview] Kim KyuJong “TURN ME ON’ Solo, Don’t Feel Realistic”
Credits : news@tvdaily.co.kr + Photo from B2M Entertainment + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

“I still don’t feel realistic about standing on the stage alone” Kim KyuJong from group SS501 will be standing alone. Comeback after 1year and 6months. It is good news to fans who yearned for him to stand on stage as a singer.

Kim KyuJong released his first mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep and will show his matured self on the stage.

“I think I have shown a weak and passive image during that period. With this album, I will break off that kind of image and signifies taking a step forward.”

With the album release coming up, Kim KyuJong captured attention with the extreme image of white hair and thick make-up, and then released various images from androgynous image to masculine image, raising curiosity from people.

“Title song ‘YESTERDAY’ is a sad song. Not being able to see the girlfriend whom I have broken up with even when I miss her. But because there was a saying that when 2 people fall in love, they will turn to look like each other, so I had make-up as a female. Because I miss the girlfriend. Is this my experience of breaking up? Hard to say.” (laugh)

“I have a lot of worries when I did the make-up as a female. I also worried about fans’ responses. However when I tried the make-up, I thought ‘It’s so difficult being a female’. Why is the fake eye lashes so heavy?”

Under the burden of standing on his own, even with the continuous saying of ‘nervous’, we can feel the humor and worries, even excitement in his warm way of speaking, Kim KyuJong seems like he has been thinking a lot.

“It is extremely saddening in our early days of group activity debut. We had the mind naturally that ‘We must get to be number 1’. At that time, I had a lot of confidence because I’m doing it with the members. We were clear about our rivals then, and we think that we were losing right away if we cannot get number 1. We have outgrown such kind of pressures now. Now our thinking is ‘Let’s enjoy while doing it’. Number 1? Of course we want it. But it’s fine even if we don’t.” (laugh)

He said he learnt a lot during the 1 year 6 months period. During the hiatus period as a singer, he performed in musical ‘Goong’ and received a lot of help from people, learned the warmth (in people).

“This song is not a song where you will go ‘This song is really great’ when listening to it once. I listened to the song and practiced the choreograph, I didn’t get tired of it even after listening to it continuously. I hope it can ring in the ears of many people. Choreograph is using the suspenders to dance. It will be interesting.”

“I intend to enjoy the activities and not being chased by it. I will be sad if I don’t get first, but won’t be greedy about it. Next time after time passes, I will be satisfied just to have the thought of ‘ah, that song was really good’.”

Kim KyuJong kept saying ‘I want to enjoy’. We heard it like ‘I want to stay true’ from that. From the top of their career, to undergoing many things such as group disbandment, it is as if he shook off the burdens during that period of time.

“When we were making ‘NO MORE YES’, I sat beside the composer and produced the song through the night with him. I want to include my open mind in it. I also participated a lot in the lyrics and made it together with him.”

“I have desire in composing. I know I am still not good enough to make a song fit to put into an album. I want to study more and enjoy producing it. And even show off to my friends. It is important to be enjoying it.”

Kim KyuJong, the last of SS501 members to make his solo debut. “Even though the members gave me lots of support, I am always very nervous before going up on stage.” Seems like Kim KyuJong’s happy anxiousness can warm up even the surroundings.


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I wish someday Kyu got confidence in his talent. We already know he has potential to do anything, but he needs believe in it too!Come on boy, you're a great artist!!

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I hope Kyu will be more confident of himself too. He is really capable of it.
AH what can we do to knock that into him T_T