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[Trans] Kyu Jong's DC Interview

Another MUST READ from Kim Kyu Jong.

Shoving this up! Second part is added. Loads of thanks again to slimz1808


I cannot wait and be back at the hotel to post this translation that slimz1808 sent so I am sharing this to you with difficulty posting using iPhone ^^. I will edit this tonight to include the pix and vid. Super thanks slimz1808 for doing this very long trans.

slimz1808 notes:
(1) i've only trans the interview part. The mandarin used in the write-ups that the DC reporter did on Kyu is way beyond my capabilities (any1 wanna help? haa) =P (2) Note that some of the interview questions were posted by individual DC users but I have omitted their userIDs in my trans. (3) Pls pardon my grammer and sentence structuring. Got too tired towards the back.. (4) Hopefully will find the energy and time to continue the remaining part....


[Trans] Kyu Jong's DC Interview
Kor to Chinese :redcat111、Kyu’s守
Pls give credits to Kyu’s金圭钟中文网 when re-posted

Chinese to English translation by slimz1808

DC: Hi, I'm DC inside. U know DC?
Kyu: Ya, know

DC: Can share how you get to know us?
Kyu: Knew about DC long ago. Back in SS501 days.One of us who loves the computer. Hyung Jun loves playing with the computer and surf around hence stumbled upon DC. Saw updates of many artists and many fun and interesting information.

DC: Ya, DC is an interesting place. SS501 Gallery DC was initially named IDOL Gallery, are you aware?
Kyu: Really? I'm not too sure about that thou. Have to use it more I think. In the past did visit the DS Gallery, there are all kinds of information in there. What's most amazing and puzzling is that news which supposedly should be known only to us are also available.

DC: Have you been following DC recently?
Kyu: Been busy with Musical and album, did not have time to go online

DC: Are there any stuff which left a deep impression on you when you visited DS Gallery or other Galleries in the past?
Kyu: During 《U R MAN》days, ever seen those fan made images of us, its interesting.

DC: OH you saw them! 《U R MAN》was very HOT those days in DC
Kyu: ya, it seems like people who uses DC have very good ideas (laughs)

DC: Received lotsa support during 《U R MAN》UNIT days. Any plans to have a 3 member unit project again?
Kyu: Even though we did not say anything along those lines, such thoughts did surface. When YS Hyung and Jun came for my debut at MCD. People around were saying the members of 《U R MAN》are gathered together, perhaps should go on stage together? Did consider having a 3 persons Project group。Even if its not for 3 persons, will still work towards the goal of gathering all members and gather lotsa songs for that moment.

DC: Although is insisted that there's no split, but with everyone in different agencies, it seems tough to come together as one again? is it possible to?
Kyu: I feel that it is possible. Even in our own conversation, we felt the possibility. But our agencies would have their own set of concerns hence its hard to pin-point a specific date/time. I feel that what is impt is for us now is to work hard and improve ourselves individually until we are able to stand up for ourselves and negotiate with our agencies. It is inadvertable that each agencies would want to see their own singers doing well. This is a day that we are looking forward to and each of our agencies do have their own plans, hence there's no concret plans to date.

DC: I see. So long as members have the heart and desire to come together, it will be possible
Kyu: Ya, that's my thoughts too

DC: SS501 aside. Let's talk about Kyu Jong xi's first solo《TURN ME ON》. The album has been out for almost two weeks. What's the reactions from those around you?
Kyu: Firstly, people around has expressed they like it. No one would tell me directly that they don't like it, right? (laughs) Given that the main music trend has been moving forward at a fast pace, it's tougher for new music to be accepted, it's a pity. Used to be able to hear new songs TOP 10 listings being played when I walk the streets in the past. However I have not chanced upon such listings recently hence not too sure if my song is being liked. Due to my commitments for musical, have not been able to attend variety shows. After I complete the musical commitment this week, I'm preparing to attend more variety shows to introduce my music to more people.

DC: It's true, recently everyone has been real brief in their album promotions, within a month at times.
Kyu: that's my thoughts too, hence would like to promote for longer time. Anyway I have been absent from broadcast programs too. This time even if people get sick and tired of me I'll still be on shows for longer periods.

DC: going forward we will be able to see more of you on programs
Kyu: yes, that's what I hope too

DC: pls introduce your song "Yesterday", what kind of song is that?
Kyu: "Yesterday" is a sad song, thinking about ex-gf and can't see her. Feeling depressed in the days following the break-up and feeling burdened by that love. Is produced by Han Sang Won who composed 《U R MAN》. It is a medium tempo song with an addictive dance tune.

DC: seems to have put in lots of attention to it as it is the first solo. Are there any parts in the album whereby you have placed special attention to?
Kyu: firstly it's the music. One would realize that the title song is different from the recent music trends. Had obtained the inspirations from US POP STAR TOMMY PAGE. Hence there's a slight element of the pop music from the early 90's. Sounds pretty more like an oldies when compared to the recent music but would be addicted to it after a few rounds. Was in a long dilemma during the music composition stage because was thinking if recent music trends like electric, CLUB, shuffle music etc should be adapted. But decided that it might be good to be different from the mainstream. Hence followed this direction for the album.

DC: heard that 《Yesterday》was someone else's song?
Kyu: ya. Was YS Hyung's song. Hyung even completed the recording but it was reflected that the song don't suit him hence it came to me. After discussions with composer hyung, it was re-arranged to my style.

DC: it is so ah. As compared to YS xi, who sang the song better?
Kyu: YS Hyung sang very well (laughs) . I have the version which he sang, will broadcast it in future if there is the chance

DC: fans were expecting a nice sweet love song since it is now autumn. Yet a dance song was released, its a real surprise.
Kyu: Although it's a dance song, the song does sounds suitable for the autumn too ah. I'm not able to dance to vigorous dance alone. I may have comeback with a dance song now but I'm planning more interesting styles going forward.

DC: Feels that Kyujong xi has a voice very suitable for R&B, what's your personal view?
Kyu: ya, my personal preference is R&B hip hop. Tae wan hyung who helped with production this time round is in fact great with R&B music. Hyung is someone who is very strong in R&B music. He has to give up his style while composing my song, accommodating to me completely, really apologetic for this.

DC: What to think of your own singing voice?
Kyu: Not totally satisfied with my singing voice. My voice is skewed towards soft range, hence instead of strong tempo songs, would choose songs within the gentle range when selecting songs.

DC: Worked with several composers whom you are close with, seems to be very happy, what's the feel?
Kyu: Hyungs were really putting their hearts to it. For instance, Tae wan hyung even took part in the stage costume drawing, also looked around for hair styles, spent lots of efforts. Hence felt really great working on it.

DC: Regarding the chiffon net stage costume, whose idea was it?
Kyu: Cody noonas who we worked with back in SS501 days helped with it. As we do not have a name for the Cody noona team, they are addressed as May Na Li noonas, based on the first character of their names. Would be good to have a name for them. (slimz1808: i litrerally trans the names from the Chinese version, not too sure if i'm right)

DC: whose idea was it, the suspender dance? Was it tough, the dance?
Kyu: it's choreographed by the leader of the choreographer team. he is a hyung whom we have worked with since SS501's Snow Prince days. At that time he was the magnae, has unknowingly grew to become leader of the team. Hyung was pretty worried as the song is different from recent music trends and it has a slight musical element embedded in it. Hence felt a need to have some form of performance. As he was fretting over this, saw some Black American singers donning suspenders and singing on stage. But the suspenders were not used in those dances, the suspenders were just part of the stage costumes. Hyung felt that my song suits having suspenders and hence choreographed the dance accordingly. When he showed me the whole choreographed dance, my first thought was that it's splendid.

DC: Would like to know if you had been able to voice your views and are there any portions of the album which you played an active part in?
Kyu: Spent the whole night with the composer, composing the song No More Yes. Actively involved in the lyrics part too as I wanted to reflect my feelings in it. Am aware that my self made songs aren't able to make it into the album yet, but am learning hard in this area due to my keen interest in composing songs.

DC: Did any interesting thing happened during recording?
Kyu: When i was featuring in YS hyung's album, have already requested him to feature in mine when I release album. Hence there's his RAP featuring in my album. It may sound like YS Hyung's voice was mixed with computer effects (not too sure if I got this right) but in fact that's not computer effects, it's Hyung's own voice. Made him sing and re-sing as it was really amazing. Both composer hyung and I were amazed, unable to understand how can that be done and left a deep impression.

DC: which is your fav song in this album?
Kyu: As this is my first album, I like all. As the song which YS hyung rapped was his first, left a deep impression and like it a lot.

DC: that's the song My Love right? There are many who like it too, but nothing much is known about the composer, very curious.
Kyu: I myself is only aware that the song was made in US. felt that it was great too when I got hold of the demo. As the demo was received in a package, we are also not sure who exactly is the composer. I've not seen the composer at all. Very curious and would like to meet at least once.

DC: any plans to collaborate with YS xi?
Kyu: There are plans to. Initially wanted to try once but our music style seems to be different. It may not seems obvious on the surface but the music styles that we each want and the performance that we want to show on stage is different. Had lots of discussions with hyung and thought would try so in future during projects like special remembrance albums or Carole etc.

DC: Was THANKS TO being omitted intentionally?
Kyu: Ya it's not in coz there's just too many people to thank. Did fret over whether to include it. Decided to include it in future full album. As this is my first solo, would like the attention to be focused on my music instead. Music should be the main draw. Was worried THANKS TO would become the main draw and reduce the attention on the main draw to less than 2%.

DC: The album photos seem to be very different, esp the female cross dressing ones, attracted lots attention
Kyu: Ya. I'm happy that people are paying much attention to the photo, felt very thankful. Truthfully there was an intention to attract attention. Want to try something never tried before and hence decided to do it. Felt very embarrassed during the make up and photo taking. Along the way developed the thinking of "oh there is this facet of me" and completed the photo shoot happily.
The title song was likewise, trying to portray the sad feeling of me who is hoping to see the face of an ex-gf on myself. In order to portray the deepest level of depression, did a lot of thinking while doing the shots.
In addition, the white make up was to reflect that no matter how colorful one's inner self is, would want to drop all these and portray one's true colors on the stage.

DC: Seems to suit female dressing. Which photo in the album are you most satisfied with?
Kyu: My personal preference is this one. it seems to suit the depressed feeling of the title song.

DC: Fans are reflecting that Kyujong xi has slimed down too much after seeing your album photos and you in person. was it a deliberate attempt to lose weight?
Kyu: do I appear that thin? I don't think so (laughs). Did deliberatly lose some meat. My weight hardly increase during SS501 days. but seems to be otherwise after seeing broadcast images and photos and hence felt stressed. Those days as I'm with members, even if I'm a bit meaty, there's members to block. But now I'm alone gotta work hard to lose weight. Lost about 6 kg as compared to those days. Had intended to lose more but am unable to do so as i did not exercise well. Quite worried.

DC: are you one who loses weight when exercise?
Kyu: ya, I will lose weight. Hence giving my trainer lots of trouble, always saying "why are you always so thin?". Even if I eat a lot, once I start exercising, my body would slim down fast.

DC: no matter what, there are lots of people who envy your figure. Any secret methods to maintain such figure?
Kyu: I'm a very picky eater. My fav food is jajiang mian, pizza, burgers, ramen etc. Would eat them only when I have the craving, otherwise i won't touch them, would take foods like veg and low/no fats foods.

DC: to comeback as a solo, would need to build on your own draw points. What do you think is your main attracting point?
Kyu: I think is being a truthful person whom others are comfy with. My first impression of my members was that they had just stepped out of a manga. Was totally defeated when I saw them. Thought that I can't gel in with them, I can't stay on long in the group. Fret over it for long. Actually saw lots of such comments during those days. Members have grown to be even more beautiful these days hence I have long given up. Instead of that feel, would rather approach others with a sweet and warm hyung/dongsaeng next door image. But fans had been saying I'm being R(A) in recent broadcasts programs. Though am not aware how did they felt that way but it seems to be an interesting image.

DC: being the last of the 5 with a solo,is this the correct timing?
Kyu: had clashes with musical hence will definitely have insufficient time for preparation and thus comes with injury. Will also find it taxing. although may not be 100% satisfied, but is still find it to be a song that suits the autumn. would be contented so long as there are some who find my song nice. Do not harbor ambitious thoughts with this solo, intention is skewed towards letting more people know about me as a solo singer. Would have the desire for number one in future.

DC: how satisfied are you with the album?
Kyu: 80-90%

DC: won't you feel it will be good to be able to continue group activities?
Kyu: that is of coz. Have that thought every time I have my own activities. recently when I see the other groups on activities together, would think it will be good if we are too and will be even more better. But on the other hand, it is a good thing that I am doing solo activities as I can learn much more. Members also felt likewise when we have discussions together. There are many areas which require brushing up on an individual level too. I am already 25 and felt that this is about time that I learn to do activities on my own. Comeback with members when we are all more matured and stronger will probably make us similar to the strong and untouchable Shinhwa hyungs, a team with quality.

DC: feel irritable that interviewers are always asking about the split of SS501
and that there are disagreements amongst members? Curious to hear your thoughts.
Kyu: it's ok. For someone who has not seen/heard it will continue to be curious even if the similar question has been posted many times. Hence I would want to continue emphasizing, our members always reply that we are doing fine when being asked. But there will be people who would say that we aren't actually close, close only on the surface. It's absolutely so. Even after this, there will be people who will say that I'm being fake. Will have to show this is definitely not true in future.

DC: hyun Jong also released his new album
Kyu: ya, this week. I went to see his mv shooting yesterday. Really a nice song with great dance. Will be able to sweep stands when it's released. Hope to enjoy the stage together with him during his activities. YS hyung had a chance to collaborate with him previously. Was really envious when watching them at home. Would like to stand on stage with hyun Jong hyung if given the chance. Attend variety shows not as members of the same group but as competitors seem to be interesting too. Hyunjong hyung is originally more experienced in both music and shows hence people around were saying since he is come backing, should avoid or said being a member if your results are not comparable, will you be sad. But I don't feel so. I am working hard in my own way, hyung also worked hard to achieve the love he has today. I feel that this is the way it should be. I visited him during his summer training. He really worked hard. If it were me, I won't be able to work as hard. Practiced hard and very disciplined in maintaining his figure, really put in lots of hard work. When I looked at hyung, felt really motivated. He is not our leader for nothing.

D: won't you feel the threat to be doing promotion at the same time.
Kyu: will be envious of the position which I am unable to attain. But as compared to having other singers in that position, isn't is better to have hyung in that position. If it's hyung, I can give him my utmost congrats and won't feel envious at all. If he succeed, will be good and feel good too.

*** Here is continuation of the interview. Loads of thanks again to slimz1908

DC: Very humble, but does Kyu jong xi has any desires in your music?
Kyu: Truthfully I do not have the desire to attain #1 with this album. Purpose of this album is to tell people that there is such a person, Kim Kyu Jong comebacking as a solo with his music, music fitting for the autumn season. Hoping that my voice can surround people, leaving a dreamy music for people. Will then have the desire to attain #1 in my future albums.

DC: is already a singer who has debuted for 6years. Is a old idol amongst the idols when u attend music shows. Have received the younger generations' greetings?

Kyu: currently still pretty distant. As I've only just started my solo, I'm holding on to a newbie's attitude. There was once I was in the waiting room with CAN seniors. The young ones from Infinite came to give greetings. CAN hyungs said 'kyu Jong also about to receive greetings already'. I felt weird..groups from the 2010's are plentiful, but I still feel that the age gap with them is not too huge. There are singers of the same age too.

Any recent groups which you find them with exceptional appeal? Any Female idol singers whom you are particularly interested in?

Kyu: actually the recent groups are all very good hence is unable to pick one. Is closer to Kara hence felt good when see them doing well. On exceptional good terms with Jiyoung of Kara and keeps in contact often. Like her as a sister and not an artist. Will feel very refresh when chatting with her. Innocence and purity is irreplaceable. When I chat with her will have the thought of why am I like a fool, depressed over things. She will give solutions based on her innocent mind. Recently also like Crystal of HighKick and is hence keeping more attention on.

DC: Kara are also promoting now. Seen them on programs?
kyu: ya, met shortly during activities, very happy

DC: read that if you were to appear in WGM, would like to be in it with Oh Se Jung. If it's other artists, is Crystal fine?
Kyu: want to film it with OSJ, can't I? (laughs) . Actually I haven't thought of it...Crystal is fine, but is still underage is this fine? Don't think it's possible. (laughs)

DC: let's talk about musical. Many fans reflected that they have seen the other side of you through this musical and also seen the possibilities of you being an actor. What is your own thoughts re this, i.e. yourself as an actor?
Kyu: Has been taking acting courses way before I was casted for the musical. Actually when I received invitation for the musical, despite the encouragement from people around me to take it up, I still had the thoughts that I am not suitable for it. Hence fretted over it for long. Thinking back now, feel that I am right to do so. Fellow casts in the musical were great and I learnt a lot. Developed the yearning to do better as time progresses. Nowadays when I watch TV dramas, I will be thinking if it's me, I will try it this way, analysising the characters and slowly developing more interest in acting.

DC: When did you join the musical?

Kyu: Joined and started preparations in March. Performance started in June and is now currently doing encore.

DC: how did you get selected for the role?

Kyu: contacted via agency. Initially I said I can't do it coz Li Shin is one picky, mean and full of Charisma character. I felt I won't be able to do it. Hence suggested taking up Yul prince instead. Was in discussions for at least 2 months before deciding to take up. Taking up a role which is totally different from me would be a good breakthrough hence decided to take it up.

DC: Li Shin and Kyujong, is very different in character?

Kyu: Ya, totally opposite. Almost felt like dying because of this lapse in character during the early days. Li Shin kept picking on matters, throwing tempers, being negative and looking down on others. During the inital trainings the trainer ever said that Kyu Jong's character is too different from Li Shin's, perhaps won't be able to perform on stage...felt really worried then.

DC: How would you rate your performance in Goong?
Kyu: Am still lacking in many areas now. Developing more interest and desire as I continued the performance, hoping to portray an even better performance. But ended up with many mistakes. Will be going to Tokyo, Japan after Seoul's Encore. Will study more attentively and put up an even better performance.

DC: Please share with us mistakes made in Goong or any memorable event
Kyu: In the fencing scene. During rehearsals due to miscommunication with my fellow cast member, caused him to fall from the stage. I was unable to concentrate and hence the director furiously commented that with the performance starting tomorrow, yet the stage is being ruined and there's a need to remove the fencing scene. Ever since then I picked up my concentration and did not receive anymore scoldings, received encouragement instead. Was very worried initially as I'm a newbie but everyone is really good to be. Enjoyed working together.

DC: when did you have the dreams to be an actor? Which parts of your act you think has the most appeal?

Kyu: Appeared in a short drama in the 3rd year after debute. Was not learning acting back then, hence did it for the sake of doing. Those days when the script says 'cry', would just cry, unknowing of the reason of crying. Now I have learnt lots through the musical and learnt that acting is not just going according to the scripts. Would require one's observation and analysis of how is the role, what's the relationship between 2 roles even if the interaction of the 2 is just a brush of shoulders.

DC: as compared to broadcast programs, which aspects of musical is tougher and more impt?

Kyu: currently I have minimal experience with both stage hence they are equally tough. In musical one is require to act according to circumstances. Music programs and TV shows I can only be more attentive during my screen times but not so in musical. In musical I'm under the eyes of audiences at all times. I can't refuse to go on stage just because I'm not well. There was once I went on stage despite not being in the best condition, felt bad for both audiences and fellow casts and production team.

DC:heard you are casted for a drama
Kyu: show is named Saving Mdm ..., leading actress is ,... My role is not a prominent one in it. Luna of FX will be in it too, acting as the daughter of Mdm ... The storyline is whereby Luna was originally from a well off environment and when things turned worse, came to work in the convenient store. I'm a delivery boy to that store, is a quiet and picky role who dreams to be a musical actor.

DC: pls share with us your future plans in acting and areas that you want to challenge.

Kyu: A role similar to the current Li Shin whereby I can be high above others isn't too bad. But my personal preference is a comfy and easy character. Characters i am interested in are like Eric Hyung's character in the show New Society or Lee Sang Jun Hyung's character in movie (slimz1808: pardon I duno how to trans the names of these two shows ... ), a character who is easy going and easily remembered by others. A character of normal status, attaining success and thus giving other people hope, such a character doesn't sounds bad. Wait till I've more acting experience and more confidence I will consider characters which are charismatic.

DC: will you give up singer activities if success is attain in the field of acting?

Kyu: doubt I will give up singer activities. Even if I don't attend programs, will still produce music with people I love, bring music to people. Even if I don't sing, will still make music for others to sing. Music is one of the way to help me relieve stress.

DC: Casting aside your artist status, there is much curiosity surrounding Kim KyuJong as a normal 25year old young adult. How do you overcome difficult times or matters?

kyu: would loiter around unfamiliar roads in the past. After loitering around such roads would need to think about how to get back, hence will cast aside the troubles my mind was originally fretting over.

DC: will loiter around which roads?
Kyu: my place is near to hangan river. There are some small roads in front of the river. Will walk along those roads to the river and U-turn back.

DC: what gave you the energy and will to go on during difficult times?
Kyu: family members. I've 5-6 years of time whereby I spent more time with members and fans than my family. Those days members and fans gave me lots of energy. But the past 1 year 6 months, the support came from fa,ily and friends and people around me who I'm closer with. Of coz I'm still receiving support from members and fans all this while.

DC: are you staying alone now?
Kyu: yes, alone

DC: do you cook on you own?
Kyu: yes, occasionally would. Can prepare fried chicken soup and da jiang soup exceptionally well.
(slimz1898: I translated the food names direct from Chinese, not too sure what are these foods)

DC: looks like you can survive well on your own
Kyu: like to cook but don't like to wash dishes. Don't understand why is washing dishes such a chore. (laughs)

DC: is there anything that you are currently learning or hoping to learn? Very curious what do you do on rest days
Kyu: recently am busy with activities hence can't do much. But did learn drawing when I was resting. I learnt drawing during my middle school days. Picked it up again during my rest days, really interesting. There's a type of drawing which involves splattering colors on the drawing paper, I know these as well as posters art.

DC: did you major in arts in school?
Kyu: nope it's not my major, it's just an interest. Parents wanted me to pick up more manly activities like taekwondo but because of my careful nature, prefer to do drawing on my own. When my art teacher puts on music in class, I like to draw while listening to the broadcast. Tae won Hyung's wife does arts. Can communicate exceptionally well with her and is learning arts from her.

DC: we will be able to see your art gallery in future
Kyu: She is currently doing an exhibit, did mention that it would be good to do one with me in future. Of course it would be interesting to tag along as a small part of her bigger exhibit.

DC: even if there's no gallery pls upload your works on social network. Really wish to see

Kyu: haven't shown to others yet. Might showcase if she checks and finds it ok. She and Tae won hyung are always saying polite positive comments, hence I'm not sure if my works are really good or bad. She would say, there's no right and wrong for arts, kept praising me. Developed high level of confidence, boosted my esteem and hence kept drawing. Perhaps people will look at my works and bear the thought of "what is this ah?" (laughs)

DC: saw you tweeting in English with the foreigner composers, English seems to be not bad. Able to read overseas fans' letters & tweets?
Kyu: have a friend who is staying in The States and would normally message in English. Last night he suddenly called and I hanged the phone on him as I was typing a message. (laughs) Although i'm learning, but is still not up to the standard whereby i can converse verbally in English.

DC: in one of your past interviews you mentioned that you would bring with you facial cleansing milk, handphone and alcohol to no-man's land, remember?
Kyu: did I? (laughs) don't really remember

DC: facial cleansing milk is a surprising answer. Did you have much facial problems lately?

Kyu: I would feel inferior due to my many facial problems. Nowadays will still have problems hence would be extra careful when I'm removing makeup after shows.

DC: in the past interviews you mentioned your hair problems, has it improved?
Kyu: ya, it's fine now perhaps after getting ample good rest it got better. It might be an overexposure to hair spray and gel in the past hence had that problem.

DC: if you can travel one, where do you want to go? What do you want to drink and eat most?

Kyu: wants to return to my hometown and have a good meal. Havent been back ever since the musical started. Even if I did, t was for very short spells, hence would like to go home.

DC: hometown is jeongju right? Pls recommend somewhere nice or good foods there.

Kyu: everyone knows the bibimbap is well known over there but the locals don't really take them. There is a makkoli wine house there where one just need to order a bottle and there will be lots of side dishes being served. I'm happy eating there. Also been to student days places like the canteens of universities, only costs 2,000, cheap and delicious.

DC: let's talk about fans. Heard you like handwritten letters. Any fan letters that left deep impression on u?

Kyu: received one during my recent fan sign. It was a really nice paper. When asked who made the paper it was said it's done by a mummy's daughter. A letter with nice cuttings.

DC: a DCuser said his/her son's only favorite artist is you hence brought the son to your concerts and fan signs. Would like to hear your thoughts on fan boys.

Kyu: feel warmth in the heart. Sometimes when I hear fans calling me Hyung, feel very happy and blessed.

DC: when do you feel most thankful to fans and value them the most?
Kyu: felt lots during this solo period. Most thankful to fans who come to my stage. Did not feel that strongly in the past. Those days there were huge crowds of fans below the stage and took that for granted. Now then realized this is something worth much appreciation of. We (artists) may arrive at the venue and go stage slightly before the rehearsals, but fans has to arrive early to obtain tickets or pre-book tickets and travel from other places to be at the shows
(slimz1808: is he talking about us international fans who book his musical tickets online and travel from other countries to see him? Heee...) . This can easily take up one's whole day. Giving me their whole day makes me really thankful. But if comes to my doorstep will suffer from chiding, hence will tell them not to do so and get them to go home.

DC: is there any fan whom you have deep impression of?

Kyu: knew of one during this current round of fan sign, a fan says has been supporting me for 7years. It's the first time getting my signature after 7 years of chasing. In the past (SS501 days) when there were fan signs, signing was based on lottery draw. Now that it's a solo fan sign, can finally get my sign, feels very happy. Asked how old is she and she said she is 23. From 3rd year in middle school. Supporting me for such a long time, really very thankful.

DC: pls leave a word for fans and green peas

Kyu: have left my thanks via twitter a few days ago. Really very thankful to the support given during my activities. Those supportive encouragement given via social media or on the flower stands, really is a huge source of energy.

DC: lastly, pls share what are you upcoming activities?
Kyu: following the completion of the musical, I'll be having some variety shows recording. There will be a fan meet in Japan in the first week of November. Will continue with activities in Korea till the end of the year. End of December will be having encore of the musical in Tokyo, Japan. Because of the musical, will probably be spending the new year countdown in Japan. Plan to have shows till next year March.
(slimz1808: the Chinese trans did not specify what shows is he referring to here. More of Goong? Or his drama show....sure hope is both and the former would be in other parts of the World?)

DC: thank you for the long interview session. Pls give DC users a video greeting as an ending

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(trans of the wordings in the signing: best of luck in everything)

The interview session with Kim Kyu Jong was like a nice breeze, giving one a sense of happiness. Although he has portrayed a very Charismatic image in his solo, he is still the cute and easy going person. His soft and tender voice and cheerful smile can really make one feel at ease. Initially thought that he would have that bit of haughtiness in him which might come from the fame of being a member of an idol singer group and from the plentiful fans' love. He surprisingly was very humble, did not portray the "I'm the best and most popular" feel and from the intonation of his replies there is no slightest evidence that he was being fake.

It makes one wonder if he is too lacking in ambition given that he totally has no desire to compete with others. When being asked which position he wants to see his song being at, he gave his down-to-earth reply of 'don't have much ambition for this album', 'wants to let people know there is this person KimKyuJong who has comeback with such music and this solo is still worth listening to, is a music that is fitting for this autumn, have heard my voice around, such level of recognition is already enough'.

At the same time he is starting to hold more desire in acting and reflected that he feels that he is still lacking in many areas, but during his musical days, he received lots of help and learnt the "warmth" from others, will want to try other roles and other stuff going forward.

Although he has set off later than his members, wish that he will be able to crave a name for himself, using his unique appeal. Also looking forward to see him walk out of idol singer image, using his never changing innocence and kindness, excel as an actor idol and concur this arena.


Anonymous said...

omg this mans heart is made of solid gold honestly

etet said...

Slimz1808~ *hugs and kisses*

A huge Thankyu for all your efforts. It's because of dedicated folks like you who help with the translations that allows us all to enjoy...

I have found with each interview that Kyu Jong has really grown and matured. He is extremely insightful with his thoughts... He seems to have found himself, if that makes any sense. Nice to see and read that he really knows who he is... When you can be honest about yourself nothing can hold you back because you are prepared to accept the challenges and fully appreciate the joy.....

etet said...

Anon @3:28


Anonymous said...

thank you Slimz1808 for the translation... can't like this article enuf!

this interview gives me hope again tt SS501 will indeed comeback one day. we just have to be (more) patient :D

i can't like this post enough!!!! double thumbs up!

love kyu jong and SS501 loads!!!

Anonymous said...

The solo is good for all members of SS501.
Kyu Jong is more mature and grown up this time.
It's good decision to go solo of SS501.

Anonymous said...

kyu, you are too huble, you are the best out of 5 in the solo.

Anonymous said...

@4:41: really?

Anonymous said...

kyu loves his members so much

Anonymous said...

KyuJong made me really happy with this: "He is not our leader for nothing." :)

Anonymous said...

Kyu is such a sweetheart! Love this interview!

Anonymous said...

"This time even if people get sick and tired of me I'll still be on shows for longer periods."

This made me laugh. I will never get sick of you Kyu Jong!

Anonymous said...

I love reading what Kyu had 2 say
he so nice & humble

Anonymous said...

Have said this before but will say it again - Kyu always know how to put and say things at the right perspective. I always feel positive after reading ALL of his interviews. You just gotta love this boy. Thank you very much for this article.

cola said...

I'm speechless.
I can't believe someone this extra-ordinarily kind and humble exists!
O.o He's just unbelievable.

I bet Kyu Jong's going to make it big sooner or later. He'll earn it because of his talent, looks and most importantly, his wonderful attitude.

SS501's center FIGHTING! :))

danz said...

Thank You for the hard work of translating this guys! it made me happy, really..this is something good to read..

I will sum up everything I wanted to say...

I am just really thankful to God for letting me know and appreciate this man..Kyu inspires me to be humble, hard working and a dreamer who will never gives up..all the best for Kyu! God Bless him more! ^^

Anonymous said...

His tributes to his older hyungs made me cry.He felt no jealousy but admiration and determnation to excel like his hyung.I can always rely on kyu to keep us fans informed regarding members.Just wait and see kyu is going to be as successful as leader....

Kyu jong fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet, humble and honest man. If Kyu say there is no problem among the members, you gotta believe him. Even if there is, am sure our eternal centre, with his love for his members, will be able to bond the group together.


sinthia said...

auun Kyu is always so sweet and so focused! His answers are awesome! Love him so much! Love the way he express his thought and how he express about his members. ^^

I got a surprise knowing his song was to be Saeng's song. I'm happy things turned this way and was him singing Yesterday.=]

I don't know why people keeps saying they are not close. That makes me so upset!Can't wait to see the 5 of them comeback to show how strong their friendship is and that's is not fake!

I wish we could make Kyu number 1 too, so he wouldn't have to hear about that kind of question again... =\

thanks a lot to slimz1808 for translate this interview!!

Slimz1808 said...

Liezle, hee. The female cross dress photo and the album photo, the one whereby he is dressed in all black, needs to be swap..... Haaa, coz the photo he likes best is the one in blk, not the female one ;)

tetsu_girl said...

Anonymous 3:28 - "omg this mans heart is made of solid gold honestly"


i have NEVER seen a man so kind, thoughtful, selfless, humble, and pure before! (JM is my fangirl bias, but after reading all of KJ's interviews lately, i think KJ is my ideal man, like, forever.)

-i LOLed so much at the "UR MAN" photoshop. XD
-KJ ALWAYS makes me feel better when he talks about SS501. with KJ at the CENTER, there's always hope. ♥
-i love how KJ invested his own style into his album, rather than going with what's trendy (that's what's great about ALL SS501 solos! :)
-"a team with quality" definitely. when SS501 reunite, more mature, more skilled, more amazing than ever, they really will be the Hallyu version of Shinhwa!!
-"if it's hyung, i can give him my utmost congrats and wont' feel envious at all." i literally started sobbing at that. i'm serious. i wish he wouldn't see himself as less than the others, but how can we not admire a man who thinks of others first and more than himself, a truly honorable man? KJ is too good to be true. *_*

a million thanks to slimz1808 for the loooong translation of this fascinating and wonderful interview!!

liezle, sorry for the long raving comment. fandom's made me kinda emotional lately. T_T

ping0119 said...

AH full of emotions recently.. Don't know how and where to start from...
But I'm really warmed and touched by the interview TT_TT Really really ThanKYU so much for the translation!!!!!! Appreciate it very much <3
Once a Triple S, Always a Triple S

tetsu_girl said...

super big THANKYU to slimz1808 for the really long awesome interview!!

aww, KJ and JiYoungie. pure, innocent brother and sister. ^^
i want KJ on WGM w/ Oh Se Jung! how cute would they be? :D
wow, i wanna see KJ's art!
i love his thoughtful answers. especially his sweet stories and considerate, thankful feelings about fans. <3

KJ music, drama, musical, everything daebak! ^o^

Anonymous said...

my love for our center is deeper and deeper....
he ease my pain i felt before with his word about the group
make me stronger as Triple S
as Ping said, once a Triple S always a Triple S

Lexi said...

i have to agree to anon 9:39 PM. Kyu knows how to say things in the right perspective. he is such a sweet/smooth talker.. ^^ (haha. am i right with the "sweet talker"?) there are some parts that i am still sensitive about but he is so smooth that i just have to agree with him. KYUUUUU! OH MY. :)

THANKS A LOT TO THE INTERVIEWER. ^^ i like the questions and how Kyu answered it.. :)

THANKS A LOT TO slimz1808.. ^^ this is a long interview but you translated it. thanks a lot.. :) you guys are already few so that we also have to treasure you.. :) THANKS A LOT, REALLY..


THANKS A LOT too MISS LIEZLE.^^ for taking the pain of posting this trough your iphone just to immediately shared this to us.. :) THANK YOU.

ping0119 said...

Ah I would really like to see his art works~
It feels so good reading Kyu's interview! He's so down-to-earth, humble, sincere, warm and sweet.
I hope the shows he meant are variety shows. He doesn't exaggerate and doesn't try hard to be funny but ends up being so cute and entertaning hehe. He's also pure and real, and seems to be enjoying himself in shows. It is an enjoyment watching him^^

Anonymous said...

he is really truly kinds. there r no other words to describe him. I wish him lots of success cus he deserves it :)
thanks for the translation. this post reassured me after leader's interview about the members not getting back together nd not being close.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Slimz1808 for the translations! ^^ I already found the english translation super long and took a really long time to read. I can't imagine reading the chinese one, not to say translate it. So really thank you! You're such a savior! :D

I really love this kind of long lengthy interview!! It allows us to understand Kyujong even more! I seriously love his answers to everything. Kyujong has been losing so much weight!! He looks so slim and great looking but still, I would prefer if he put on some weight.

And I have to mention, I super super love this particular sentence: "But as compared to having other singers in that position, isn't is better to have hyung in that position. If it's hyung, I can give him my utmost congrats and won't feel envious at all"! He is so sweettt!!! To be able to congratulate someone who performs better but yet should be on the same par as you is really tough. I really admire his ability to do that! :)

And I think kyujong is so cute when he talks about Oh Se Jung. It would be a really cute combination! I want to see how kyujong would behave around her! ^^

So glad to know that when Kyujong is resting, he found something that he is interested in to keep in focus. Once again, happy that he has such great friends all around him. Nice person always has great people around him isn't it? :)

The writer mentioned that he feels that Kyujong has a lack of ambition right? One of the member (was it Young Saeng? But don't quote me for that) mentioned the same thing before right? Haha.

Anyway, super love this interview. Thank you, Slimz1808 & Liezle, for the super super super long and insightful interview! I wish Kyujong all the best in his future! :D

sinthia said...

He still signs ss501... *-*
It shows how much he cares and values his group. I don't think it's the end of the group.I keep my hope that someday they'll reunite again.

white said...

really a long interview..!!
but i LOVE it!! ^ ^
thanks so much to all who did translations :')

& i agree with anonymous @9:39!
his interview always give positive energy :)