Saturday, October 08, 2011

[VID] Kyu Jong's "Yesterday" Performance @ Music Core [11.08.10]

Thanks so much Marvie for sharing this there.

I was there yesterday together with may international fans of Kyu Jong at the live broadcast of Music Core and it was one great experience.

This is not my first time to be able to attend music show but this is the first time I've been standing almost in front of the stage and watching a lot of idols and singers performing live on stage. Before I have attended several pre-recording this time luckily for many of the international fans attending today were treated to one hour of live broadcast. We saw live peformances from of course Kyu Jong, Ha Ha, Hwanhee, B.E.G., Boyfriends, B14A, U-Kiss, Simon D, Infinite, Super Junior and more. As far as I remember, Kyu Jong, Haha and U-Kiss did the live performance as for the rest they did 'fan service' while their pre-recorded are being broadcast. Idols and signers would perform to fans sans live singing and it's a very really nice treat us fans who were there.

Oh btw, when we entered the studio, it was just right on time that Kyu Jong was the next artist to do rehearsal so we fans were treated twice to see sexy Kyu Jong doing the sexy dance of Yesterday.

Here's his performance at Music Core yesterday. Thanks much to CrazyCarrotNew210 for uploading in YouTube. Thanks again to Marvie.

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