Friday, January 06, 2012

[Article] Kyu Jong Meeting Oh Sae Jung in 'Strong Heart'

I have been out of town for the past days and i think I missed posting some nicely taken photos, videos as well as news. Honestly, I am too tired tonight but I cannot let myself not to make few posts before I hit the bed and rest. One of which is this post that I saw translated and shared by leesa86 over at AKP that came out when Kyu Jong and Oh Sae Jung's guest appearance in 'Strong Heart' final broadcast last Tuesday.

Here is the English translation of the news.


[News] SS501's Kim KyuJong meets his crush Oh SaeJung
Source & Image: AsiaToday via Nate
Courtesy of eesa86 / Allkpop

SS501's Kim Kyu Jong met his ideal woman, actress Oh Sae Jung, for the very first time.

The singer made a guest appearance on the January 3rd episode of SBS 'Strong Heart', and could not hide that he was more nervous than usual. When asked about his ideal type in the past, Kim Kyu Jong had always boldly confessed that it was actress Oh Sae Jung.

"I confessed that I liked her for the very first time about two years ago, and I actually ran into her in the streets shortly after. It totally took me by surprise, and it was then that I realized why fans are so shocked to run into me by chance. This is the first time I've seen her since then" he said with a bashful smile.

The actress who also made a guest appearance on 'Strong Heart' expressed her gratitude towards the singer who has consistently selected her as his ideal type.

When the two were suspected of dating in the past, actress Oh Sae Jung remarked, "A lot of people actually think that way. I went to get a colonoscopy once and the nurse asked me, 'Youfre the idol group member's girlfriend, right?'"

The two then shared an embrace which created a more romantic atmosphere on set, and they raised a few eyebrows after denying that they would keep in contact with each other after the show


Btw, some of you might have missed the show, you may click HERE to watch the hug scene.


Park RayRay said...

Awweee Kyu... This is so heartwarming:)

Anonymous said...

OMG! He was so nervous and lovable. He looked like he met his idol, goddess, or superstar. His gestures, hand movements, and smiles showed that he was overjoyed and forgot himself, Kyu is a super idol, too. It was very entertaining and happy for him. I think both of them probably couldn't sleep on that night. Too sweet. :)=