Saturday, January 07, 2012

[FanCams] Hyun Joong Back in Korea 01.06.12

Hyun Joong is back in Korea after several activities in China. At Incheon International Airport he was greeted by fans.

Here is a fancam uploaded in YouTube by .

Here is another fancam from kimhyunjoong24 uploaded by on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see Hyun Joong back home

Anonymous said...

I always love kim hyun joong's natural style in the airport. He looks so dashing and super duper handsome. Perfect

Anonymous said...

I agree. Our baby is always so stunning at the airport. I guess we don't call him "the walking sculpture" for nothing. :)

Anonymous said...

Walking home and rest well.Good job,good job. 2012 has just began and you have many things are waiting for you.