Sunday, January 08, 2012

[Article] Miscommunication Caused Delay of Hyun Joong's Interview

This is not good. Since Hyun Joong came to China until he left there were some not so good things that I have been reading. I hope not all is true. With regard to the 5 hours delays, I hope that that organizer was able to explain well to the media what causes that miscommunication.

Heaps of thanks again to kelemama for translating this piece of article on their blog.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong late for 5 hours causing displease, hot dance with pretty dancer

News Courtesy 腾讯娱乐 + (eng trans)
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Liaoning Province Shenyang City, Jan 6, Liaoning TV Spring Festival recording. Kim Hyun Joong hot dance with pretty dancer, and performed 2 songs. Different from other big shots whom doesn't accept media interviews, Kim Hyun Joong who's committed to advance into China arranged for media interviews the moment he arrived at Shenyang, but due to miscommunication, the interview timing as compared to what the organizer had previously informed was late for 5 hours, causing displease to reporters at scene.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your posted.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda sad that this year didn't start out so good for him. He's getting a lot of bad press in China for nothing. I hope his debut in Japan will go much smoother.

Anonymous said...

Fans understand and always support Hyun Joong.

Anonymous said...

the china people should be grateful that a superstar like leader is willing to grace their country. not trying to be mean or anything but korean stars usually don't go to china and he actually went to such "sub-urban" province like shenyang! whats there to complain??

Anonymous said...

No one is complaining about Hyun joong.. It all points towards organizers.. Let's not be too forceful in our opinion.. Let us remain as humble as Hyun joong.. He will appreciate it.. Lots of other Korean stars go o china too but Hyun joong was invited to the most prestigious ones.. Asian games, shenzan concert where he was the ending act which is a great honor and now for the lunar new year event . Just shows his high status in the Chinese opinion and we should appreciate this.

Anonymous said...

I went to Baidu forum and all the chinese fans love him. I didn't see any complain. Someone is trying to stir up something. Based on this article they are blaming the organizer for the poor planning of his schedule and same thing that happen in the airport. There was no security people assigned to him so he was forced to used the VIP exit.

Anonymous said...

hi, @1:01am
although it is winter, but you are no need to add fuel to the fire !!
if you are really love leader & a kpop lover, i am sure you will not share these words here.

Did you know Girl group Miss A have 2 Chinese members; many idol groups' members learn to speak Chinese; many want to impress the Chinese audiences …… if you get what i mean.
i do not know you love leader for real or not. But for sure, many Chinese fans love leader with their hearts.
they participate fully in the voting, views to help leader in the best way they can.
i am happy leader feel the great love from them and spend the special Chinese New Year with them.

Back to the topic, it is the natural reaction for the reporters to express theirselves to wait in this weather and the time if that report is real. You can not blame them !!

But personally i do not think the issue is big, or maybe keyeast have took care it.
i went to check the original article that posted on its cri web.
The article is only 2 lines. the last sentence mentions that mistake. But it does not go into details how the reporters reacted; and it also does not upload any of the pictures on that scene.
Sometime the pictures can speak out better than the words if you want to persuade the readers.
But instead, that article shares 2 pictures which leader and the female dancer dances in lucky guy sexily.

Anyway, let’s hope keyeast can learn its lesson. And this kind of unprofessional thing will not happen again.

Final, let’s wish leader will develop his career in China successfully. Hope he will be loved and recognized by a astronomical figure of fans there.

At the end, send our love to him.
all the best & good luck 2012 to our beloved khjL.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Anon 8:10 and I'd like to add more to my previous comment. HJ's fans will always believe in him and support him but the media and the general public may view it differently. They may have already made up their minds about him and not in a good way. The explainations may have came too late. They won't be changing their mind, regardless. That's bad news for HJ since he's trying to break into the Chinese music scene. He needs new fans, not just the current ones that he already has. Public interest is even more important than fan interest sometimes. So reading all the negative stuff that happened when he visited China, made me a bit disapointed.

Anonymous said...

What I know is KHJ is intent on getting into the Chinese musicscape and things that happened as mentioned above are not welcomed by anyone. Lessons learned by organizers from both sides,not to presume all will be well.

On another thought ,if Hai Ming is not busy HJ should bring him along,he is Chinese,he speaks Chinese,he is a singer (Asti) and HJ's friend. He is appeared with him in BOF ep 14-15 in case you are wondering who he is .

Anonymous said...

@12:01 It would have been nice if he was able to bring a friend like Hai Ming but I don't think that it would ever happen. Hai Ming is not under KeyEast's payroll. If he were to translate, it would be considered work, therefore he would have to be compensated. HJ is in China for work, not for pleasure so I don't think he's able to just bring anybody without KeyEast's approval.

Anonymous said...

One has to be really careful when translating an article written in a different language. The sentence should identify properly that the displeasure was actually directed at the organizer, not at KHJ.

Reporters got deadlines to meet, so if the interview time ended up five hours later than what was first scheduled, of course they would be pissed.

Everyone should focus more on the fact that KHJ was actually the ONLY guest stars granting interviews instead.

Here is the original article in Chinese:

国际在线1月9日报道 1月6日,辽宁卫视春晚录制。金贤重与美女激情热舞,并演唱两首歌曲。与其他大牌明星一概不接受采访不同,致力于中国发展的金贤重抵沈后特别安排了采访环节,然而由于沟通不畅,采访时间比主办方预先通知的时间足足晚了5个小时,以致引起现场记者不满