Sunday, January 08, 2012

[Article] Fans Waited of Hyun Joong for Hours

Much thanks to kelemama for sharing this news on their blog. These fans are really amazing.

[News] Just to see Kim Hyun Joong once, Fans waited at airport for 5 hours

News Courtesy 沈阳晚报 + (eng trans)
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Kim Hyun Joong's flight to land at Taoxian Airport yesterday around 12pm, yet at morning 7am, there's already fans awaiting at the airport, just to see their idol. Be it through official website, Baidu Kim Hyun Joong Bar where fans retrieved info, or "Mother Fan Group" who came all the way from Beijing, everyone raised their colorful "support placard" high in the air, waving colorful ribbons, practiced reciting "Kim Hyun Joong, I love you!", just to deliver the most sincere greeting to their idol.

There's one group which is very eye-catching, that is the 30-member group that fly in from Beijing "Kim Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fan Group". This group of super fans are made up by age 40s and 50s aunties, they arrived in Shenyang a day earlier, also appeared at airport at 7am sharp, just like those young ladies of age 17 or 18, hands holding "support placard", shouting slogans, putting banners. But Kim Hyun Joong's flight arrived late by an hour, and he left the airport via VIP exit, fans who received the info, has disappointment written all over their face.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the fans but I don't think it was HJ's fault. I hope they still love him as if nothing had happened.

ABC said...

definitely is not HJ's arrangement. it has never been the case. it's usually always the agency's arrangement. sometimes, they simply choose to leave by VIP.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it's Hyun joong's fault too.. I think the organizers weren't expecting such a huge crowd and may not have planned it well.. There would have been chaos if he had exited the normal way through the crowd.. I saw the crowd in shenZan concert arrival and Hyun joong did have a hard time pushing his way the through the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Chinese fans did love leader so much. i am glad leader get so many supports there.
i believe the fans there will understand and remain the same love to leader.
May be they have plan & prepare ahead for leader's soon next visiting.
thanks for all the lovely Chinese fans for the warm welcome to leader.
with all the audiences in front of the tv sets & inside the hall, leader will sure have a happy & memorable special Chinese Spring Festival.
Happy lunar New Year to leader & all :)

Anonymous said...

I want to wait for Hyun Joong too if he visits my country.
Love him so munch.