Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Article] Is Hyun Joong's Comeback to Soon?

I am shoving one article I lifted from Soompi. It is another one about Hyun Joong. Here' he talks about the album and why he is comebacking only after four months.

Much thanks to Rebby for sharing the transltion in AllKPop.


[News] Is Kim Hyun Joong's Comeback Too Soon?
Courtesy of Rebby / Soompi

Following the launch of his first solo mini-album album "Break Down" four months ago, Kim Hyun Joong returns this week with another mini-album "Lucky". Although many people felt that his return is too soon, Kim Hyun Joong thinks that it has been long overdue. "Many people are saying how quickly that I'm coming out again, but I personally think that a long time has passed. There will be another single album in January."

"The debut solo album was able to reflect the solo side of myself and this time I'm presenting my music to everyone. I have put in a lot of effort in the music, it suits everyone. I had wanted to show that I can perform on stage alone through "Break Down", in my new songs, I hope everyone can pay more attention to my music."

In the new album, Kim Hyun Joong participated widely in album production and worked closely with C-Luv who has produced "Rainism" for Rain and MBLAQ's debut album, along with Steven Lee who has been working on not only Kim Hyun Joong's debut album but also fellow SS501 members, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong's debut albums as well. The album has attracted much attention due to the wide selection of musical styles, ranging from punk rock to American R&B through the five songs.

Kim Hyun Joong will be showing his maturing singing skills in "I Am Your Man". He was also honest to add, "frankly, people do not harbor much curiosity in my music, that's why I want to show more, wanting to sing songs that are appealing to everyone. I know people's expectations are not so high, so I have selected music that are relatively simple."

"The acoustic version of "I Am Your Man" gives a calm feeling, I have been receiving vocal training so there will be many changes, including my way of singing. Female fans may like the sound, my voice has indeed improved progressively."

Title track "Lucky Guy" embodies rock band music that speaks of Kim Hyun Joong's style, a genre that he loves. "In fact, I am very worried that the public could not accept such a song, and we had also invited a band and guitarist for live accompaniment. Although it is band music, I hope that we could present a song that we can dance to even without the presence of a band. The most exciting is club music, but since it no longer exists, I feel that band music would add more flavor."

The title track "Lucky Guy" is Kim Hyun Joong's favorite, recording for the song has also been very interesting. "In a part of the song, there is a howl, I have wanted to put a female's voice initially, but it's really hard to find that kind of sexy voice, so I used a wolf's howl instead."

Kim Hyun Joong said, the launch of this album complies with all of his requirements. It is not difficult to tell that he has put in a lot of effort from the pictures of the album cover. "I hope to be recognized in the things I want to do, not because of somebody's demands."

Kim Hyun Joong

The album promotions will only last for three weeks due to various promotional engagements in Asia. Kim Hyun Joong too expressed regret, "three weeks is really short, unfortunately, but there are scheduled activities and to release the new album during this time although somewhat regretful, I will do my best. I hope to meet a lot of fans."

"Actually I did not anticipate that the response for my comeback being too soon, that's why sometimes I think I'm being impatient. Although the time was very short but I'd dedicated all efforts in completing the album, wanting to return sooner so that everyone will not forget about me. Next year, I should have something new to bring to you and I hope to have your continued support."

Kim Hyun Joong

"Lucky" has officially hit the record stores on October 11 and fans may look forward to the full music video on October 13. Kim Hyun Joong's comeback stage is set for October 20 through Mnet's "M! Countdown".


Anonymous said...

HJ is not my favorite, but this interview shows why i like him, he's honest to others and to himself, and he's humble enough to admit that the public takes more interest in his image than in his music, but he works hard to improve and show his music artist side anyway. i'm proud of him for that.
and honestly, i do like this album better than the first. "Breakdown" was for visual appeal, but "Lucky" focuses on music, and the songs are good, varied, and show that his singing has gotten better.

Anonymous said...

Go forwards, Hyun Joong ah.
I always support you.

Anonymous said...

He has grown up so much since going solo. I'm proud of him for always wanting to improve himself. I hope more people will look past his face and look into what he has to offer as an artist. I love both his albums and I can't wait for the next album in January. I really like the direction that he's going with his music.

My favorite line: "I hope to be recognized in the things I want to do, not because of somebody's demands."

Anonymous said...

i'm kinda disappointed...sorry bout that....are they ever going back together? i know they did promised ..leader did say not to worry and just trust in them...but reading this article made me feel suddenly scared....ahhh...otteoke????

Anonymous said...

no. not too soon. after the drama, he had from dec2010 to prepare the songs he had already chosen in the preceding six months (after signing on with keyeast). wouldn't be surprised if he had wanted to release a full album of ten to twelve songs but was advised to break it up into a couple of separate mini albums in order to stage different concepts. i know some fans and even singers pride on releasing full albums vs minis or singles. but i'm glad he's chosen to go experimental. so for now, while listening to lucky i'm curiously guessing what november's single will be like.... more of punk rock meets rock & roll or an even more soulful ballad?

Anonymous said...

i want ballad coz his voice very suit 4 soft ballad....very touching ....I like all his ballad song very2 much...nomu2 chua....

Anonymous said...

I just think the boys may spring a surprise on us and get together on one of their breaks, get up on the stage to give us a wonderful time. Maybe end of the year ! Hope springs eternal!!? Hahaha.

sinthia said...

He's too right doing his comeback now, even triple S will never forget him(NEVER!, but nowadays there are a lot of new k-idols that is hard to them to keep their image always fresh in people's mind.
Besides that is really good for him trying different styles of music...that way he'll improve even more like singer, plus show everyone he can do anything well!