Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Vid & Pix] Kyu Jong @ DC News Interview 10.11.11

Kyu Jong had an interview schedule yesterday not sure if this is is or much earlier interview. I wish we could see the full interview later.

He is looking handsome in here. Less make up and seems to have rested well. I failed to mention in my account when I saw him at Kyobo that Kyu Jong really does look way way better in person. I have said this many times as Ive seen him quite a number of times too but really photos and videos do not give him justice. He is so handsome, tall and really adorable in person.

Here is video uploaded by on YT

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the photos below.


Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous. I only got a short glimpse of him when he visited Junnie this summer but I totally agree. Pictures just don't do him justice. I was in awe and honestly shocked. He looks good in pictures but there is just that special something the camera doesn't translate.

I had seen Leader and Junnie before and they looked exactly like I expected but Kyu just surpassed my expectations.

Anonymous said...

same here...i never expect him to be so gorgeous in person..and the way he treat his fans, u really feel ur special to him... i miss him..i wish i can see him again in person and feel his soft hands again...:)) ahh those eye contacts from him are unforgettable.

501% way way better in person..he has small face, he's so manly and his aura is totally awesome.. He' so hot and smexy^^

etet said...

Think my jaw dropped to the floor the first time I spied him. Could also be heard mumbling...OMG, OMG, OMG and OML, OML, please forgive me... Didn't really even recognize him because he is so much more *gorgeous* in person... Those long slim legs in those skinny jeans.. YIKES... Could not believe my eyes... OMG, OMG, OMG... Wish I could take him home!!!

slimz1808 said...

etet! u will get urself lotsa of haters if u take him home! Him in Korea is nearer for me compared to having him in your country!! haaaa...

Tya said...

You guys are so luckyyy!!!OMG i envy youuu!!!
I have to finish school,find a job then stalk him to Korea xD
i'm waiting for more fan account,,as many of international fans went to Korea these days :D
thanks for sharing Liezle^^

Anonymous said...

After reading all your comments, I don't want to meet KJ in person. Else I will miss him like crazy after that :(


Anonymous said...

i think i agree with kelly
i'm afraid he'll occupied my mind
and can't concentrate in everything i do

tetsu_girl said...

he's always so polite and sweet!

(brief+rough trans:
Ne, hello everyone at DC. I'm Kim Kyu Jong who released his first solo mini album. Hello.
Yes, the weather is cold so everyone please be careful of colds. I ask for many people to be beside Kim Kyu Jong in the future. From now on I will be a hardworking Kim Kyu Jong.
Everyone, please be happy! Thank you. Yoohoo!)

and yes, he's adorable and handsome! i'm so jealous of TS who've seen him in person. TT

thanks for sharing, everyone!

Anonymous said...

thanks tetsu_girl for the brief trans...he always care for sweet of him^^ Ne i admit he's my second bias before after leader..but after i saw him i was totally Kyunverted 501% and he is now my bias...LOL...SS501 mansaeh!

Anonymous said...

the best good looking in ss501, if all the members are that gorgeous in fact. no fangirl will be able to survive ^^

danz said...

aw! i wish i could see him, shake his hands, have a date with him, marry him..ooops! hahaha just my wish! XD i haven't seen him in person yet, looking forward to it! and who said he is no good looking? are they blind! they shouldn't have said that..uhmp!

i really wanna see his gorgeous face in person..huhuhu TT-TT if only it would be easy for me to go to South Korea...i need to pass KLT first! TT-TT