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[Article] Kyu Jong Talks About Being in a Musical

This is another one of those lengthy interview of Kyu Jong which is a must read as he talks about being in a musical, how he is enjoying it and where he gets the inspiration and confidence.

Much thanks once again to xiaochu for sharing this article on Quainte501.


[Interview] Kim KyuJong “Shin ChaeKyung is very lively, Ideal girl is still Oh SeJung”
Credits : news@tvdaily.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

“Shin ChaeKyung? Feels stress because she is too lively. My ideal girl is Miss Oh SeJung. Now I get many advices through e-mails from her. She also said she will buy me dinner, how can I eat when I’m so nervous?” Kim KyuJong, who confirms his ideal girl through a variety program back in 2008, shows his unchanged love confidently.

Frank without any reserve, Kim KyuJong. His very first attempt in musical ‘Goong’, he stood on the stage majestically as Lee Shin, capturing the hearts of the audience.

“I am very close to (Kwak) SeonYoung noona and dongsaeng (Choi) YeSeul who both acts as ChaeKyung. It is fun because I’m doing something and talking in a way that the usual Kim KyuJong won’t do. Like raising voice at noona and kissing a high school student” (laugh)

Having activities as a member of SS501 and meeting thousands of fans on the stage, he now breathes with the audience on musical stage.
“When I stood on the stage for the very first time, I couldn’t see any audience. When we have concert as a singer, there are restrictions on impromptu performances, and dances are being choreographed, a lot of times showing the audience what we have which is difference from a musical performance. You can adjust according to the responses of audience.”

Kim KyuJong kept saying ‘enjoyable’ in regards to acting which he just started, and his eyes twinkled. Even so, he initially declined to act in musical.
“It seems very difficult. That’s why I am very concerned of it. I realized that I cannot let this chance pass by. I asked (Jung) YunHo hyung, who acted as Prince, hyung said ‘You are Lee Shin from now’, and encouraged me. This is the style of hyung. A hyung whom I am thankful to, who gave me lots of good advices from before I debut.”

“There are a lot of sadness since we had our SS501 debut stage. Because my part was little, I would think ‘Is it because I am of no help to the group?’. YunHo hyung looked at my face and said ‘Look ahead because there are more coming, don’t be discouraged’. That gave me lots of encouragements as I want find out how.”

Kim KyuJong continued to praise Dong Bang Shin Gi’s Uknow YunHo. Getting the same role as him, their sentiments seem like extraordinary too. “Japanese fans gave me good appraisals too because it is a role which Dong Bang Shin Gi’s Uknow YunHo acted before. I am his junior so of course I am very grateful, and felt happy.”
Director Song ByungJun who directed musical ‘Goong’ said previously “Idol stars these days are like Crown Prince to the public”. Kim KyuJong agreed saying “Because K-pop is popular. When I see the performances of other idols, I would also think that ‘that’s great, cool’.”
Among the idols these days who won the praises of being called prince, he who is also one of the icon of prince among them, has also quite some burden on him. “I am nervous at the thought that I mustn’t let them feel disappointed. It is especially so to the people who are close to me.”

Making his first challenge in acting, Kim KyuJong received a lot of help from the musical team and conveys his gratefulness.
“Actually, before I started the musical, it wasn’t fun when I took acting lessons. I don’t even have the mind to do it. However I learnt a lot through this opportunity. I felt the interest after doing it. I realized that it is impossible if you do it unwillingly because someone made you do it, it is good to do it enjoyably.”

The result of having sold-out their performances in Japan shows their extraordinary team work too. “Our performance team went for a MT (membership training) in ChungPyeong. Initially I thought I couldn’t really fit into the team. Because there are veteran actors around, I thought they would have hated me, but that was not the case. They really gave me a lot of good advices. It is really heart-warming here.”

As the interest in acting grew, the desire grew too. Kim KyuJong wishes to perform in a small theatre in order to be closer with the audience and even expressed his desire to win an award. “I hope that musical ‘Goong’ can get good results in the upcoming Musical Awards. As the musical continues, it seems like it is getting sturdier.”

In addition, besides the musical, Kim KyuJong has been casted in TV Choseon ‘Saving Madame Go BongShil’ as the role of a student doing part-time jobs, dreaming to become a musical actor.

Being determined, he will transform from ‘musical idol’ into ‘acting idol’ smoothly. But his main occupation remains as a singer. Coming out from the hiatus of 1year and 6months, he will release his mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep and start his solo activities.

“I will continue to have album in Korea, filming drama, and various activities in end of the year. Also I am thinking of musical ‘Goong’ encore performance in Japan, Japan fan meeting, and Asia Tour coming up.”

Widening his fields in various directions, Kim KyuJong’s path is not easy. Finding clothes that suit himself and attempts to transform, this is the reason why we look forward to Kim KyuJong.


ping0119 said...

Wow Oh SeJung emails Kyu now? Cool!!!! Happy for him^^

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Instead of always praising others, maybe you can talk more about yourself XD

"the role of a student doing part-time jobs, dreaming to become a musical actor"? Oh Kyu you've already fulfilled your dream XP Looking forward to the drama! Fighting!

Anyway I'm glad Kyu does many interviews. They are always warm & sincere. ThanKYU^^

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thank you so much to xiaochu for translating all these KJ interviews! i love reading his words, always warm, humble, and wise. ^^

ooh, KJ is in regular contact with his ideal type now! go KJ, be happy! :D

"It is fun because I’m doing something and talking in a way that the usual Kim KyuJong won’t do. Like raising voice at noona and kissing a high school student” (laugh)"
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