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[Trans and Pix] Kyu Jong @ Starry Night 10.04.11

Finally, I am able to update. Been so busy preparing for my vacation. I am currently at the airport using the wifi to update before proceeding to where i am staying.

Did I miss a lot of news yesterday. Honestly, haven't even check the sites I usually go into.

I will be checking after posting this translation by xiaochu shared on Quainte501. Much thanks! I failed to watch to this show the other night and I am glad trans was up right away.


[Trans + Photo] Kyu Jong @ Younha’s MBC Starry Night Radio

Credits :…list_id=5683079 + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Fantasy live and
Interesting talks in

With Kim KyuJong & Jewelry S ^^

Prince KyuJong ran here to Starry Night
Right after musical !!!

Wearing the dazzling gold suit from the musical,
He came in to the Starry Night studio.

Really, all thanks to KyuJong..
It was dazzling inside the studio-!
With some significance (kekeke)

And Jewelry S’s magnae line
Who will make you smile just by thinking of them-
Pretty and cute >.< Jewelry S SeMi & YeWon 2nd time they came on Starry Night.. And that week, I remember they went to at the opposite studio
Said hi to Yoon DJ, and gave a little intro to everyone ^^

The talkative storm of these 3 ladies will not stop today too!!

Every Tuesdays~
We have
You know that right?^^
Today too, we are having viewable radio^^

YoonHa’s Starry Night-
KyuJong who is his first time here^^

Height is heating-
Voice is sweet-
Expression is sexual(?)

So we have prepared!!!
Sexual guy’s height photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Oh
I am none other than the Prince
Oh Oh

KyuJong is really tall and handsome in real and
Gushing his sexual attractiveness(?)
To the guests and DJ in the studio..

Heuk heuk… he is superior!!
Indeed a prince!!!

Starting his solo activities,
The first radio appearance is none other than….
, a radio show which has history and tradition!!!
(Our starry night……finally gained recognition from a prince? T^T)

=about Jewelry S portion omitted=

3 ladies standing with the only guy, Prince KyuJong as the centre!!!!
(Guys.. Don’t be too envious~) heehee

Jewelry S & KyuJong!
Without their members around them,
At the end of music shows,
When all performers get up on the stage,
They were uncomfortable.
By accumulating the bond in Starry Night,
They will stand with each other in the future.

We wish that we can share some of their conversation in satoori (dialect) at that time!

(+) Bonus pic!

Manager who looks very tired-
With recent solo activities, musical performances of KyuJong…
It is very tough on him and because we took this photo very suddenly
It is not difficult at all (kekeke)
To take one pic of him^^

Manager-nim who works with a sexual celebrity, please keep it up!!

Signed CD
For our Starry Night family!!

Though we heard it live today..
It is really suuuuuper daebak

All the two teams,
Please work hard for your album activities..
Come and play often at Starry Night^^.


Credit: @mbcstar

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