Thursday, October 06, 2011

[KeyEast Notice] ‘Lucky Guy’ Teaser & Music video Release [06.10.11]

Korean~English Translation: miyo

"Lucky Guy Teaser and Music video Released Notice


This is Henecia team.

Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd mini album ‘LUCKY’ will be on sales from 11th October,
the title song ‘Lucky Guy’ teaser are scheduled to be released.

This time, ‘Lucky Guy’ teaser will have 3 version.
1st teaser will be released on 7th October at 3pm/ 2nd teaser will be released on the 10th, time to be confirmed/ 3rd teaser will be released on 11th at 12am.

The full music video will be released on 13th October, time to be confirmed,

It will be released at Kim Hyun Joong Official Youtube channel ( and
various online music site.

Quite a different charm from the 1st mini album ‘BREAKDOWN’ but nearer to Kim Hyun Joong, all fans please also give your big love and support to the 2nd mini album ‘LUCKY’

Thank you.

*the notice will be edited if there is a change of teaser released timing


Anonymous said...

Love & support Hyun Joong forever.

haner said...

hi my friend..see this news..:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for it! Let's make him #1 on music charts again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the other teasers are good cause right now I'm a little meh about this photo and his comeback. I feel kinda bad saying it cause I should be excited but strangely I'm not.

Anonymous said...

hi, if the first teaser will be released on 7th & 3pm in Korean time
so it should be 7th & 2am in usa time.
is it right? thank you.

Anonymous said...

it will be 11pm on Oct 6th in usa time

Anonymous said...

looking forward for Leader comeback..
hope it will big success like BD album..

Leader Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with this photo and concept.
btw,Its already got a good response from non-fans since this photo was released(most of them said he's freakin HOT&SEXY..LOL)

I really hope LUCKY will be even more than hit the jackpot big time.
I'm so excited!I can't wait any longer! 12 hrs to go for 1st teaser!!!!

Anonymous said...

please someone help, so what would be the correct time for us fans to watch. is korean time 13 hours ahead ny time?
please help, i do not want to miss.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

korea is 16 hrs ahead of usa time zone i believe

Anonymous said...

now Korean time: 7th 7am
but newyork time: 6th 6pm

6th 6pm also mean 6th 18:00

24hr/day + 7am = 31 - 18 = 13hr different ( korean 13 hours ahead ny)

7th 3pm also can show: 7th 15:00

korean7th 15:00 - 13hr = 7th 2am nytime

is it righ ^^ but you might confuse :)

Anonymous said...

it depend on which part we live in USA.
i check the following web :

time zone in different part of USA are different. just need to find out what is the different time zone between Korean and the part you live in USA.

hope this help ^^

Anonymous said...

3 teasers n the full MV'll come out on the 13th?!! I thought that the MV is supposed to be shown on the 11th at 12 midnite! Shoot! Why is it taking so looonnnggg?!! I'm already getting nervously impatient! Sigh! HJL sure knows how to build the fans' anticipation... Hoping n praying that 'Lucky' will indeed BE lucky, getting positive response everywhere... KHJL Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!
From MV teaser release change from Oct 7th 3pm KST to 7 th 2pm KST
FASTER by 1 hr
Should be 7th 1am in US(NY) !