Friday, October 07, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Mnet Wide News 10.06.11

Some of you might have already know that I am currently in Seoul taking my vacation again. I arrived yesterday and will be here only for a few days.

I wanted to share with you my day 1 in Seoul but I will be going out soon (yes I am just starting my day 2 in a few minutes^^) Anyway, will just share with you for now some of the photos i've taken of Hyung Jun at Mnet Wide News yesterday. He is soooooo adorable and friendly to fans. He's much the same when you see him in photos and person... very handsome.

Here are just some of the few I've taken will share more later including my account.


Chrystal said...

AWWWW!! I can't wait to hear your fan accounts. Always very envious of gals who get to be close up with Junnie at Mnet Wide studio and he's so friendly to the fans.. Have fun in SEOUL!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you're in Seoul!!! it's an amazing city. visited it this July and now I'm craving for another chance to go back...envy you! Have fun there and get hold of the best memories in 'Soul of Asia')))

Anonymous said...

Ahh Junnie looks so cute! It looks like he doesn't walk through he building to get to his car anymore, he should have done that during the summer too. Have fun in Seoul!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome!! so lucky have fun.
junnie does look handsome as always.

sinthia said...

awnnn I'm anxious to know about your days in Seoul.
Baby is looking handsome in these pics... well when is he not, right? ^^
thanks for sharing!!