Monday, October 10, 2011

Photos of Young Saeng from Three Musketeers Rehearsal

Photos ofYoung Saeng from the rehearsals of Three Musketeers surfaced on the net last night. One photos I got from SS601 and the other from the tweet of @musicalactorKSH. Here are the photos.

Then yesterday he tweeted to @poimin73 the following (thanks to @501wangja)

[Trans] Aramis hyung-nim~~ Followed keke You've done well today!!!^^ RT @mystyle1103: @poimin73 아라미스형님~~ 팔로우했습니다 ㅋㅋ 오늘 수고하셨습니다!!!^^

[Trans] I'm Dartarnan!!! keke RT @mystyle1103: @portos724 달타냥입니다!!!ㅋㅋ


Anonymous said...

lol that first pic XDD

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezlie for the posting. Saengie fighting! Miss you badly and we'll always support you^^

sweetiecutieys said... cute!!!waaaa...wanna watch this musical but cant~~~huhuhu

Anonymous said...

seangie is adorably cute like a child in a school play.I hope he does well with the musical cause i want him to act in a drama sooo bad cause i know it will be complete sucess once all the ss501 men can act and sing.

Anonymous said...

Omoooo!!!!so cuuute i wanna pinch pinch his cheeks!! XD
looks like kid with that coat(?) >o<

ping0119 said...

Saeng is so cute!!!!! ><
Looking forward to his acting~