Sunday, October 09, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong @ Inkigayo 10.09.11

Got quite lucky again to be able to see Kyu Jong at his pre-recording for Inkigayo today. Well, he was supposed to be on stage at 12:30pm but for some reasons he started at 1:30pm. When we got inside a few minutes just before we were seated, he came out with his back up dancers to do take 1. As always, he made the fans giddy with his presence when he walked the center stage. He greeted the fans before starting. The first take went well for Kyu Jong but the stage director after seeing the first take on the monitor said the the chant and screaming was not loud enough. So take two... He again interacted with the fans a bit before starting which earned another load scream. After the second stage he went back to the backstage and wait for the go signal if that take is okay. Of course, I know that most fans were waiting for more takes. It would be a big treat for us if the recording will have more takes (hee, fan's selfishness ^_^). He came out and we thought that there will be another take but he apologized to say that since there is already no more time the recording is over (i guess they used the last take) and thanked everyone for coming. Got a bit disappointed about that but yeah, no more time because we think that the idol group just before him ate up a lot of time of Kyu Jong. TT_TT

Anyway, still I was very very happy to see him again on stage the second time around staring at the exposed chest, doing the sexy suspender dance live and looking at the 'mile'long slim legs of him.

Alright, now here's 'Yesterday' Inkigayo performance of Kyu Jong today. Thanks to for the upload in YT.


Anonymous said...

Incredible performance by Mr. Kim Kyu Jong!

Sayanggg said...

<3 lovelove!!