Thursday, October 13, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Mnet Wide News 10.13.11

When we went at Mnet today we thought that we will not have the chance to see Hyung Jun at the open broadcast. But lady luck was with us once again as we saw him doing the show. There were a lot of fans today to see him. Hyung Jun was looking so dashing in his attire at today's show.

I managed to take a few snapshots of him before queuing for M! Countdown. Here are few of the photos.

A lucky fan will be getting his siggy soon. Hyung Jun was so accommodating and always nice to fans. One of my friends managed to get his siggy on her CD and she will be sending it to the lucky fan/friend soon. Congratulations!

Btw, yesterday we went to HnB to buy some stuff. There is no Hyung Jun or KiBum around but we were lucky to find their very beautiful mom. Oh yes she is so pretty, friendly and nice. She's nicely dressed casually too. I did not hesitate to tell her that she is so beautiful that I now know where his sons got the good look. She said 'Thank you.'

When we finished our purchases and about to leave, she even asked the staff to see us off and give us direction. At the elevator I cannot stop telling the ladies how beautiful their mom is then then staff said 'Very good DNA.'

Please DO NOT take above photo out of this blog. Thank you!

Oh, before we left the office, I managed to asked the ladies to signed their name on the greeting I made for Hyung Jun and KiBum and left it hanging on the the wall.


Anonymous said...

Jun is looking so handsome. I miss him so much. Two months later and I'm still having Junnie withdrawals.

I really wish that every fan could see him at Mnet Wide, he's just so nice to his fans. And if you go more than once like I did he definitely remembers you.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so lucky to be able to see and have the chance to meet Hyung Jun. I've seen so many fancams of his and the way he treats his fan is so sweet. I love that he seems to be completely comfortable having a normal conversation with them. And how great is it that you can go to his HnB office with the possibility of seeing him there as well.

danz said...

you are so lucky.. TT-TT i wish i leave in South Korea too..TT-TT

Anonymous said...

man i am a huge junnie fan nd everytime i see ppl managing to see him nd he treats them so nicely..god i feel so jealous and unucky that i cant afford to go see him. By the time i afford he wud probably move on to something sad but i am really happy for u liezle. u r so lucky.
p.s. his mum really is beautiful

sinthia said...

It's so nice Liezle you could meet Ms Kim!! If I have the chance I'd like to thanks her for giving us such special boy! ^^
I'm working really hard to manage to meet them soon, I hope it happens when the 5 reunite, so my happiness would be complete! *.*

I'm really happy for u Liezle, and thank u for sharing with us your vacation in Seoul! =D